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12 Best Financial Affiliate Programs (in 2023)

Affiliate marketing is a field that expands each year, and according to Similarweb statistics, the affiliate marketing sector already has a global value of $12 billion and is on track to significantly increase that value in the near future. Apart from the impressive market size, interest in affiliate marketing increased over 300% between 2017 and 2021 globally, which means it’s the right time for you to find the best financial affiliate programs and scale up or start your affiliate marketing activities.

Those that aren’t scared to adventure in the competitive field of financial affiliate marketing, are presented with a wide variety of chances as a result of this development and a very dynamic landscape with new affiliate marketing trends emerging each year.

There are quite some risks, ranging from ambitious competitors and the frequent changes to Google’s algorithm that can prove damaging to some businesses. But if you do your homework, plan everything out, and use the best affiliate tracking and attribution software, you can start to grow your affiliate business and have access to in-depth data that will allow you to keep scaling up and improving. And once you have established yourself as a reliable partner, you will be eligible to get a commission for each and every one of your readers who makes a purchase or generates a lead for your financial affiliate partners.

Before you engage on a mission to increase your revenue by directing traffic to other websites, you need to locate a dependable partner that’s reliable and pays a good rate of commission. A financial affiliate program or investment-oriented one is a good solution if you operate in the finance field and are interested in increasing the amount of money you make from your online business.

We have researched and evaluated the best financial affiliate programs, and in this article, we will present the ones that offer the best compensation and have the best reputation among other affiliate publishers. Continue reading to learn about the top affiliate programs in the financial industry for 2023!

Best Financial Affiliate Programs

eToro affiliate program

Trading cryptocurrencies and stocks are both available through the industry-leading online brokerage known as eToro. When it added support for Bitcoin (BTC) in 2014, it was one of the first online trading companies to support trading in digital currency. Specifically, it was one of the first companies to support Bitcoin. Support was quickly added for Ethereum (ETH) as well as Ripple not long after that (XRP).

On its popular online trading platform, eToro now supports more than 40 different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the company offers a multi currency crypto wallet, as well as an enterprise-grade cryptocurrency exchange for professional traders.

What can we tell you about the eToro affiliate program? A CPA can earn up to $250, which is pretty impressive to say the least and that’s the reason why they are number one on our list of best financial affiliate programs.

You will also have access to promotional tools that have a high conversion rate, tracking systems that are easy to understand, and the ongoing support of eToro’s affiliate managers who are committed to helping you succeed.

If that was not reason enough, you can also track, attribute and integrate all your eToro conversions by using our eToro integration.

Since eToro was founded in 2007 by co-founders Ronen Assia, David Ring, and Yoni Assia with a mission to make trading accessible to anyone, anywhere, and reduce dependency on traditional financial institutions, it has become one of the world’s leading social investment networks.

It has grown into a multi-asset platform comprising over 3,000 financial assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, currencies, and commodities. According to, their website receives more than 30 million visits every month.

eToro financial assets

As reported by, eToro called off its plans to go public via a SPAC at a $10.4 billion valuation in 2022 after securing $250 million in funding at a $3.5 billion valuation.

Program name: eToro affiliate program

Commission: Tier 1 – $250 / Tier 2 – $200 / Tier 3 – $100

Network / Software: Custom (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find more information about the eToro affiliate program here.

Binance affiliate program

Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world, with 120 million registered users and over 350 cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. Launched in July 2017 by Changpeng Zhao (commonly known as CZ), Binance grew, within 180 days, into the #1 digital asset exchange by trading volume.

Binance co-founder Changpeng Zhao

CZ (Changpeng Zhao)

Founder & CEO Officer

Binance co-founder He Yi

He Yi

C0-Founder & CMO

Although CZ is the face of the company, his co-founder, He Yi, takes credit for driving the strategy behind the company’s growth to become the largest crypto exchange and their fundraising strategy that pushed the company’s valuation to USD$3+ billion. She is one of the most influential people in the blockchain space.

You have the ability to earn up to a fifty percent commission on any trade that meets the requirements of the Binance Affiliate Program by simply sharing your one-of-a-kind referral link with your audiences.

Users that create a Binance account by utilizing your personal referral link will instantly be credited as a successful referral on your behalf. You are eligible to get commissions on every trade that one of your referrals makes on Binance, including Spot trading, Futures trading, Margin trading, and even Binance Pool trading (including lifetime commissions on Spot & Margin trading plus Binance Pool). You can begin earning commission immediately, with no upper limit or time limit, and it will all be done using the same referral link.

You can sign up to be an affiliate for either the Spot Market or the Futures Market, or you can do both! Simply respond to the question on your affiliation preferences during the application process with the word “Both” if you want to be considered for a position as a Spot Affiliate as well as a Futures Affiliate.

All Binance approved spot affiliate partners will receive a 41% commission rate on Spot trading. In addition to this, affiliates who invite more than 500 traders are eligible for a commission increase of up to 50%. The enhanced Spot commission rate is yours permanently when you have earned it and have passed each quarterly review.

Yes, lifetime commissions are available and there are no limits on the amount of money you can earn or the amount of time you have to earn it in. That’s the main reason why they are number two on our best financial affiliate programs list. 

Program name: Binance affiliate program Commission: up to 50% lifetime commissions on every qualified trade Network / Software: Custom Cookie duration: 30 days Find more information about the Binance affiliate program here.

Robinhood affiliate program

Robinhood is a relatively new trading platform founded in 2013 by Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. It is a popular investment platform among Millennials and Generation Z and was listed on the Nasdaq on July 29, 2021, under the ticker HOOD.

The name Robinhood is derived from the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. And although, unlike the story, Robinhood does not steal from the rich, its mission is to provide everyone with access to financial markets, not just the wealthy.

Robinhood-co-founders Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev

Co-founders Baiju and Vlad were roommates and classmates at Stanford. After graduating, they went to New York City and built two finance companies, selling their trading software to hedge funds.

While in New York, they discovered big Wall Street firms were paying next-to-nothing to trade stocks while most consumers paid commissions for every trade. They wanted to change that and headed back to California to build a financial product that would give everyone – not just the wealthy – access to financial markets.

The mobile application that Robinhood has developed is quite elegant, and it has quickly become highly popular on both Android and iOS. Users of the site are not charged any commission fees while trading stocks, ETFs, options, or cryptocurrency.

At this time, Robinhood is only accessible to people who are citizens of the United States or who are legally permitted to be in the country. In the not-too-distant future, the platform intends to launch operations in additional nations, including the United Kingdom.

Because there is no requirement for a minimum amount to use Robinhood, it is a great option for anyone just starting off. The company provides its affiliates with generous payouts ranging from $5.00 per lead and $20.00 per funded account.

Program name: Robinhood affiliate program Commission: $5.00 per lead, $20.00 per funded account Network / Software: Custom Cookie duration: 30 days Find more information about the Robinhood affiliate program here.

Coinbase affiliate program

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange co-founded in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in a two-bedroom apartment they shared with another company.

On April 14, 2021, Coinbase was listed on the Nasdaq exchange via a direct stock listing that opened at $381 per share, valuing the company at $99.6 billion.

On the same day, Fred Ehrsam tweeted that when he and Brian Armstrong started the company in 2012, “a bitcoin was worth $6 and only known by a few nerds on the internet.”

Fred Ehrsam of Coinbase tweet on day of public listing

Since its humble beginnings, Coinbase has evolved into a significant player in the cryptocurrency space, with over 110 million users in 100+ countries.

There is no question that Coinbase is one of the most successful bitcoin exchange platforms in the world. Coinbase only displays the cryptocurrencies that are currently producing the highest returns on the market. If you sign up for Coinbase’s affiliate program, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of many useful perks:

  • Highest commission rate, which is 50% of the money paid in commission by referrals for the first three months
  • One of the most reliable and accurate tracking provided by Impact
  • Reporting systems for commissions and payments made in a timely manner on a global scale

All of that and more makes Coinbase one of the best financial affiliate programs. You can also track, attribute and integrate all your Coinbase conversions by using our Impact integration.

Program name: Coinbase affiliate program

Commission: 50% for all transactions in the first 30 days

Network / Software: Impact (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find more information about the Coinbase affiliate program here.

Acorns affiliate program

Acorns is a well-known and highly regarded microinvesting program that was developed in the United States specifically for mobile devices and is used to assist people in investing whatever extra money they have. Customers of Acorns are given the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds that are managed by some of the most reputable asset managers in the world. Customers who use Acorns have the option of investing their money in one of five different portfolios, each of which was designed by Dr. Harry Markowitz, an economist who won the Nobel Prize.

The target market of Acorns is consumers between the ages of 24 and 35 with a household income of less than $100,000 per annum who might not have a lot of disposable income but want to start investing.

Acorns target audience

In addition to large investors like BlackRock, many well-known celebrities, such as Ashton Kutcher and Dwayne Johnson, are investors in Acorns.

Celebrities who have invested in Acorns

Acorns gives it’s users the freedom to invest on their future. It has the confidence of more than 4,000,000 people. 

By joining Acorns affiliate program you will also have access to promotional tools, and the ongoing support of their dedicated affiliate managers who are committed to helping you succeed.

Program name: Acorns affiliate program

Commission: Linked Account $5.00 – Negotiation Submission $10.00

Network / Software: Impact (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find more information about the Acorns affiliate program here.

Personal capital affiliate program

More than 1.6 million people have used the prestigious financial tools offered by Personal Capital to successfully achieve their own financial objectives. Users are able to conveniently manage their personal finances in one location with the free Personal Capital service. Users are also able to create objectives, calculate network, make a budget, manage investment accounts, and more.

Personal capital is seen as a premium service that assists users in improving their financial literacy and sense of control over their finances. Their service offers intelligent management of investment portfolios without the inclusion of any hidden commissions, transaction fees, or management costs.

The organization offers a vast assortment of free tools, with the goal of fostering a more robust and knowledgeable financial community. Personal Capital is in the center of a large financial empire, with more than 6.5 billion dollars in assets under management and more than 15,000 investment clients and customers.

Partners in the Personal Capital program can earn up to $100 for every signup. Given the referral has $100,000 or more in investable assets within the system.

Program name: Personal Capital affiliate program

Commission: Qualified Lead $100.00

Network / Software: Impact (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find more information about the Personal Capital affiliate program here.

Credit karma affiliate program

Kenneth Lin and co-founders Ryan Graciano and Nichole Mustard established Credit Karma in 2007 based on the belief that consumers should have free access to their credit and financial data.

Credit Karma founder Kenneth Lin

Kenneth Lin

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Nichole Mustard

Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder

Credit Karma co-founder Ryan Graciano

Ryan Graciano

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

By 2014, Credit Karma had a valuation exceeding $1 billion. Six years later, in 2020, they were acquired by Intuit for a reported $8.1 billion.

Credit Karma is a great tool that allows users to get a free credit report. They display customized offers to customers based on their individual credit profiles. The premise of their service is to provide value to consumers as well as advertisers in an equal measure. This is accomplished by using revenue generated from advertising to subsidize the cost of credit scores, and then matching users with offers that are appropriate for them based on their credit profile.

Program name: Credit Karma affiliate program

Commission: New Member $6.00
iOS – New Member : Complete Registration $6.00
Android – New Member : Complete Registration $6.00

Network / Software: Impact (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find more information about the Credit Karma affiliate program here.

Wise (formerly Transferwise) affiliate program

Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is a financial technology business based in the United Kingdom. The organization enables multi-currency accounts and offers international money transfers with over 750 currency routes, including GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, and CAD.

The company was launched in 2011 by Estonian businessmen Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus, who wanted to make international money transfers cheap, fair, and straightforward. And they have a good story.

Wise co-founders Kristo and Taavet

Taavet and Kristo lived in London – Taavet got paid in euros and Kristo in pounds, but Kristo had a mortgage in euros back in Estonia. They both used their banks for international transfers but felt unhappy about the expensive fees they had to pay and bad exchange rates.

That gave them an idea, and, as a result, Wise was born.

In traditional currency transfers, where there are buy and sell rates, and the broker takes the difference between the two, the idea was to match transfers with other people and then have a small commission while using the inter-bank mid exchange rate. This is in contrast to traditional currency transfers, where the broker takes the difference between the two.

At the moment, there are versions available in ten different languages, including English, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Chinese, German, and Russian.

By joining Wise affiliate program you will have the opportunity to earn a commission for each new user that you direct via your affiliate links. If you become an affiliate partner, they will provide you with a one-of-a-kind affiliate link that you are free to place anywhere you choose online, including on your websites, in emails, blog entries, or social media posts. You will receive a reward whenever one of our users joins by using your referral/affiliate link.

And, as per the below quote, it’s clear that Kristo Käärmann thinks Wise has huge upside potential.

Program name: Wise affiliate program

Commission: From £10.00 up to £50.00 CPA

Network / Software: Partnerize (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find more information about the Wise affiliate program here.

Experian affiliate program

Experian is one of the top three credit bureaus – the other two being Equifax and TransUnion. The firm has been around for over 125 years, supports clients in more than 100 countries, and employs approximately 21,700 people in 30 countries.

They provide a number of tools that can assist individuals in experiencing a greater sense of control over their current financial condition. Customers have access to a variety of products, including those that enable customers to search for and compare credit agreements, read their Experian credit reports, and check their Experian credit scores.

When considering loan applications, lenders look to the information contained in their customers’ credit reports for guidance.

Experian Connect makes it easy to set up an affiliate partnership by integrating without any disruption into your existing website. They are able to supply marketing materials that are tailored to match the needs of any affiliate publisher. 

Program name: Experian affiliate program Commission: $8 Per Sale Network / Software: Custom Cookie duration: 10 days Find more information about the Experian affiliate program here.

Ally invest affiliate program

Ally Invest is one of the best low-cost brokers and has an excellent reputation among investors.

Ally Invest recognition

In December of 2005, Ally Invest was established as a foreign exchange corporation based in the United States. The reputation of the business rests on its ability to provide a wide variety of investors with a variety of self-directed and managed investment solutions. It gives them the freedom to invest money anyway you see fit. When they use this online investment platform, they’ll have access to a number of useful alternatives, including self-directed trading and automated portfolios provided by the platform.

Trading in United States equities, ETFs, and options are all free of commission fees charged by the company. Users only need $100 to get started with the construction of their automated investment portfolio.

Affiliates that bring Ally Invest a new customer are eligible for a commission ranging from $25 to $50 per lead, thanks to the Ally Invest affiliate program. The cookie will be active for a total of 45 days with this affiliate program.

Program name: Ally invest affiliate program

Commission: $25 to $50 per Lead

Network / Software: FlexOffers (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 45 days

Find more information about the Ally invest affiliate program here.

Credit Sesame affiliate program

Adrian Nazari founded Credit Sesame in 2010, after the last financial crisis, to help consumers improve their financial health by giving them free access to their credit scores for the first time.

But Credit Sesame does not only provide customers with a free credit score. They also:

  • Give you your credit report card so you can see what is impacting your score.
  • Help protect your score with free credit monitoring alerts.
  • Allow you to use credit builder to grow your score with your debit purchases.
  • Show your credit card matches based on your chance of approval.
Credit Sesame credit score

Your website’s visitors will have access to, a free platform for credit and debt management, if you participate in the affiliate program offered by Credit Sesame, which offers a free credit score and free credit monitoring. Credit Sesame provides your site visitors with the resources they need to better manage their finances, including their loans, credit card payments, and mortgages.

Joining Credit Sesame does not require a credit card or a trial period, and all of the services that are made accessible to members are free of charge. These services are geared for home owners as well as renters. The eye-catching creative and extended cookie referral time offered by the Credit Sesame affiliate program are both designed to increase the number of customers who make a purchase.

Program name: Credit Sesame affiliate program

Commission: $3.00-$6.00 per signup

Network / Software: FlexOffers (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find more information about the Credit Sesame affiliate program here.

M1 Financial Affiliate Program

Robo-advisors have become very popular in recent years as their algorithms automatically create personalized investment portfolios for investors based on their goals and risk profile. And the lack of human interaction helps keep costs to the bare minimum.

While many investors regard M1 Finance as a robo-advisor, technically, they are, in their words, a hybrid between what brokerages and robo-advisors offer their clients.

M1 Finance was founded in 2015 by Brian Barnes (CEO). They hit $3 billion in client assets by January 2021 and $5 billion a couple of months later in September of that same year.

Program name: M1 Financial affiliate program

Commission: $70.00 Qualified Funding, $50.00 Initial Funding

Network / Software: Impact (integration available at wecantrack)

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find more information about the M1 Financial affiliate program here.

Final Remarks

Getting started in the field of financial affiliate programs can feel a little bit like taking on too much at once. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to carry it out, particularly if you have a sizable audience comprised of people who are interested in finance. If you give it enough time, the affiliate financial industry may end up becoming a sizable stream of revenue for your company, causing your income to increase by a far more considerable margin than you could have ever believed possible.

Having said that, you shouldn’t rush into things the first time you get the chance. Instead, you should conduct a thorough analysis of your existing situation and establish the type of collaborative effort that would be most useful. When you have found the correct partners and begun making money through your affiliate links, you will have a better idea of the potential value that these partners can provide to your company. Good luck with your affiliate business and we hope you enjoyed reading our best financial affiliate programs article!

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