Adtraction API Integration

Connect all your Adtraction affiliate sales and lead data with custom dashboards and integrate it in your marketing tools so you can focus on improving your campaigns and marketing performance.

All your Adtraction conversions in:

How to integrate Adtraction affiliate conversions in Google Analytics and Ad Networks

Do you want to track all your Adtraction conversions in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook? In order to do so you need to connect your Adtraction accounts to our system by providing us with an API Token and a Channel ID for each of your Adtraction accounts. Please fill in your affiliate network API credentials on our data sources page which you can find by following this link:

Where can I find the Adtraction API Token?

Where can I find the Adtraction Channel ID?

How to connect your Adtraction publisher account via Postback URL

You have the option to decide whether you want to connect your Adtraction network account to our system via API or Postback URL. Only one integration method is required. We recommend using the API connection since the Postback connection is more limited in its capabilities within Adtraction.

If you want to use the Adtraction Postback URL connection, all you need to do is generate a Postback URL on our platform, which you will then place in your Adtraction affiliate network account. You can generate your Adtraction Postback URL here:

How can I create a Postback URL for Adtraction?

  • Log into your We Can Track account
  • Go to Data Sources > Affiliate Networks > Adtraction or you can follow this link:
  • Click on + "Add New Account" and Select "Postback"
  • Give the network account a name of your choice (this name will appear in your reports)
  • Click on Generate Postback URL
  • Copy and Paste the Postback URL in your Adtraction publisher account.

How to import Adtraction conversions in Google Analytics?

By tracking your affiliate sales in Google Analytics you will be able to see the monetary performance of all Google Analytics dimensions (channels, source / medium, landing page, campaigns, device and more). Once you have connected your Adtraction accounts with wecantrack, you only need to connect your website to the system and activate the Google Analytics Integration feature, which should not take longer than 10 minutes.

How to import Adtraction conversions to Google Ads?

Once you integrated your affiliate conversions in Google Analytics you will be able to import relevant conversions to Google Ads. All you need to do is link your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts and import the transaction conversion action within the conversions section of Google Ads.

How to import Adtraction conversions in Microsoft Ads?

Once you have connected your Adtraction accounts and websites to our system, we can integrate affiliate conversion data coming from Microsoft Ads campaigns in your Microsoft Ads account. All you need to do is activate our Microsoft Ads integration feature and set up a conversion goal within your Microsoft Ads account and we will push the conversions to your campaigns.

How to import Adtraction conversions in Facebook Ads manager?

Integrate all your affiliate sales into Facebook Ads Manager. That will allow you to optimize your Adtraction Facebook campaigns in order to achieve the best ROI’s. By activating our integration, you can easily import your Adtraction affiliate conversion data in your Facebook Pixel via the Facebook Conversion API. Simply add your Adtraction account and your website to our system and we will do the rest!