Reddit Ads Integration Guide


Reddit Ads Integration activation guide

  • Within your Reddit Ads, go to Assets > Events Manager
  • Here you can find your ad account id (which is the same as the pixel id)
  • Copy the id, including the “t2_” section
  • In your wecantrack account go to Data Sources > Websites
  • Edit the desired website and click “Show more integrations”
  • Place the Pixel ID in the Reddit Ads section
  • Scroll down and click “Save”
  • Go to “Features”
  • Scroll down to Reddit Ads and “Enable” the integration
  • Go to Features and activate the โ€˜Reddit Ads Integrationโ€™ feature.

How to track Reddit Ads campaigns in wecantrack & GA?

To keep track of your Reddit Ads campaigns on both the wecantrack dashboard and Google Analytics, it is essential to incorporate UTM parameters in the destination URLs used for your Reddit ads. Adding your preferred UTM parameters to the URLs is a straightforward process, similar to this example:


UTM Link Builder

You can use this UTM link builder to generate your UTM link. Simply fill in the fields and click on ‘Add UTM Parameters’.