Google Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Google Ads Integration

After you have created your We Can Track account, connected your affiliate networks and websites our system will be able to track your traffic data and attribute your conversion data to it. This enables us to push your conversion data to other tools such as Google Ads.

There are two different approaches you can use to integrate your conversion data in Google Ads, either via our Google Analytics integration or via our direct Google Ads integration feature.

Direct Google Ads Integration (currently in beta)

The direct Google Ads integration is done via the Google Ads universal site tag. You will simply need to create a new conversion action and provide us with the tag ID and label. You do not necessarily need to place that tag on your website, it will also work if you don’t.


Direct Google Ads Integration step by step guide

  • Within Google Ads, go to Tools & Settings > Conversions > Conversion Actions
  • Click on the plus symbol to create a new conversion action
  • Select ‘Website’
  • Select a conversion category, we recommend to use ‘Purchase’
  • Select ‘Use different values for each conversion’ and set default value to 0
  • Give the conversion action a name, for example ‘Sale Conversion’
  • For conversion count select ‘Every’
  • Select a click through conversion window, consider the cookie duration of your offer (often 30 days), make sure the conversion window is at least or higher than that
  • We currently recommend to start by not including this conversion action in Conversions, since this integration method is still in beta. It is better to keep relying on the Google Analytics conversions for now since that one is already fully functional. After confirming that the Direct Google Ads integration also works flawlessly you can make the switch of which conversion action to include in Conversions.
  • Whether to include this conversion action in “Conversions” you need to consider if you are already integrating conversion data for example via Google Analytics. Only one of the conversion actions should be included in “Conversions” else the conversion data will be duplicated. If you are unsure about this feel free to reach out to us.
  • Select that you will install the tag yourself
  • You will be provided a Global Site Tag which you can place on your website. It is not required to place this tag on your website for our conversion integration feature, so you can just ignore it.
  • Scroll down to the Event Snippet section, here you will find your Google Ads Global Site Tag Snippet ID next to ‘send_to’:
  • Copy this ID (including the “AW”)
  • Within the We Can Track interface, go to the website form of the relevant website (Data Sources > Websites > Edit button of the website) you have added to We Can Track and add the copied Google Ads Global Site Tag Event Snippet ID, referred to as ‘Google Ads Tag ID & Label’
  • Go to Features and activate the ‘Direct Google Ads Integration’ feature.
Affiliate Conversion Tracking in Google Ads

That’s it!

From now on your affiliate conversions coming from Google Ads campaigns will be integrated in Google Ads. The attribution time of Google Ads usually takes between 1 and 4 hours. It is quite faster than integrating conversions via the Google Analytics connection.

Google Ads Integration via Google Analytics

Once you have set up the Google Analytics Integration feature you will be able to import the ecommerce transaction goal as a conversion action in Google Ads, so that Google Analytics will automatically pass on relevant conversions to your Google Ads account.


Google Ads Integration via Google Analytics step by step guide

  • First you will need to link your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts
  • Go to your Google Ads account and navigate to Tools & Settings > Setup > Linked Accounts.
  • Now that your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts are linked you can continue with adding the transaction conversion action.
  • Navigate to Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions
  • Click on the plus icon to add a new conversion action
  • Click on ‘Import’
  • Select Google Analytics and click on ‘Continue’
  • Select Transactions and click on ‘Import and Continue’
  • Click on ‘Done’
  • In the conversion actions table, click on the transactions conversion action to see the setup
  • Adjust the settings to your preference
  • If you feel unsure, use the setup from the image

Now your Google Analytics Ecommerce conversions should automatically be integrated in Google Ads. It takes up to a whole day for a conversion to be integrated in Google Ads, so don’t expect to see the conversions right away.

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