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Track daily profits & ROI

Track your daily campaign profits with precision. By attributing conversions to campaigns, keywords, ads, and ad groups, you can optimize your spending to maximize profits based on real ROI data.

Affiliate Link Tracking

Simply add your websites and landing pages, and watch as our system effortlessly identifies and applies unique tracking IDs to all your affiliate links. No more manual link generation or tedious maintenance required within your tracking platform.

Conversion Integration

Experience the ease of automatic conversion integration. Watch as your attributed conversions flow seamlessly into your ad network campaigns throughout the day. Gain comprehensive insights with conversion data attributed to keywords, ads, ad groups, devices, and more.

Campaign Automation

Use Google's, Facebook's and other ad networks' machine learning to target the right users, set the right bids and allocate your budgets. Paid advertising has never been more laid back.

Efficient Retargeting

You will be able to see all clicks, leads & conversions your visitors trigger allowing you to you to effectively retarget the precise audience and re-engage users who may have abandoned your sales funnel.

Custom Data Attribution

Make use of our metadata and custom index parameters to combine your internally tracked data with traffic and conversion data collected by us.

Endless possibilities for a
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350+ Data Sources

Data sources that flows in 🚀 View all 350+ here.

Filter by campaign, channel or UTM sources to properly analyse your campaign performance.

Graph: Measure and compare your success with other periods (growth insights).

Quickly identify EPS and EPC metrics for your campaigns!

Data flows out

We have 13+ data integrations to keep track of your data in other platforms 🚀 View all here.

More features

Our wecantrack has many more to offer you. Plan a demo to view all features.

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Products Media Buyers like to use:


Precision tracking for maximum affiliate sales in Google Ads


Target your audience precisely with advanced tracking on Facebook.


Tap into this new channel and unlock the potential of an entirely fresh audience


Buy cheaper traffic with Microsoft Ads


Never miss a conversion on SnapChat Ads with our tracking


Unlock native ads with our conversion integration

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Tailored for Media Buyers:
Elevate Your Media Buying Game
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Grow your affiliate income with affiliate conversion tracking in tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads and more.