Setting up wecantrack WordPress Plugin

Use our WordPress plugin to quickly connect your website to our system and automatically place unique SubIDs to attribute your affiliate sales data to traffic data.

Install the wecantrack WordPress plugin

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wecantrack WordPress plugin (last update 23.05.2020)

If you are using WordPress you will need to make use of our WordPress plugin instead of our JavaScript snippet, so that we can place the relevant SubID parameters and our WCT IDs in your affiliate URLs.
You can find our plugin in the WordPress marketplace by searching “wecantrack” or by using one of the buttons on this page.

If you are cloaking your affiliate URLs, our system will place the subid parameter in your affiliate URL during the redirect process. Our plugin is compliant with almost every redirection / cloaking plugin but in case any issues come up, please notify us and we will look into it.

If you are not cloaking your affiliate URLs, our system will create redirect links in order to place the subid parameters within your links. While connecting your websites on our platform, you have two options to choose from concerning the redirection URL:

  • app.wecantrack.com
  • goto-offer.com





Installation of wecantrack WordPress plugin

  • Install the Wecantrack WordPress plugin
    (search for “wecantrack” or follow the link in the button)
  • Click on ‘Install Now’
  • Click on ‘Activate Plugin’
  • Search for Wecantrack in the navigation bar and click on it
  • Go here to get your API key: https://app.wecantrack.com/user/integrations/wecantrack/api
  • Fill in your API key and verify it
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’
  • Before enabling the plugin, please test it as explained in Step 3

Testing the wecantrack WordPress plugin

Before enabling the plugin we recommend to test it. We have created a functionality that allows you to test the plugin without activating it to all your website visitors.

  • Add an expression that the URL has to contain in order for the plugin to work
    If you’d for example place “?wct=on” in the “Enable plugin when URL contains” field (as in the screenshot on the right), your landing page needs to contain the expression in order for our plugin to be active.
    https://wecantrack.com/?wct=on – on this URL our plugin would be activated
    https://wecantrack.com/ – on this URL our plugin would still be disabled
  • You can also place a slug or whole landing page URL if you want to test it on an entire page
  • The test is active as long as your session lasts
  • We suggest you test your outgoing links with this functionality and check whether the redirection path looks fine (you can for example use a Chrome plugin like “Redirect Path” to check that).
  • Check the following:
    • whether you land on the advertiser’s landing page
    • whether you are being directed through the affiliate URL
    • whether a SubID parameter is being placed containing the WCT ID (as in the screenshot “WCT200325152941hmbtv”)

After testing multiple links on multiple pages with satisfactory results, feel free to enable the plugin. Please keep an eye on your sales data and immediately disable the plugin if anything seems off.

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