Microsoft Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Microsoft Ads Integration


Microsoft Ads Integration activation guide

  • Within Microsoft Ads, go to Tools > Conversion tracking > Conversion goals
  • Click on ‘+Create conversion goal’
  • Enter a name of your choice, e.g. “Sale Conversion”
  • Select ‘Event’ as Type
  • Click on ‘Next’
  • Leave the Category, Label and Value fields empty (as they are already)
  • Adjust Action to ‘Equals to’ “wct-conversion” (as you can see in the screenshot)
  • Select ‘Purchase’ as Goal category
  • Select ‘Conversion action value may vary’
  • Under Count select ‘All’
  • Use 90 days as conversion window
  • Select ‘Include in “Conversions”
  • Select the UET tag you are using
  • Click on ‘Save’
  • Within We Can Track, go to Features and click on the “Enable” button of the Microsoft Ads Integration feature.


How long does it take until my conversions are showing in Microsoft Ads?

We Can Track pushes the conversion to Microsoft Ads close to real time. The integration process within Microsoft Ads usually takes a couple of hours but can also take up to one day.

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