Affiliate Program

Become a part of our wecantrack‘s Exclusive Partner Program and unlock substantial earnings!
Earn a lucrative 20% commission on payments made by customers you refer for an entire year.

Additionally, benefit from an extensive 30-day cookie lifespan. Start your journey to substantial earnings today!

  • Easy setup
  • Easy sale
  • Easy money!
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How does the wecantrack Affiliate Program work?

Simply sign up and get your wecantrack referral link. Share that link with fellow publishers or promote it in blog articles, product reviews, ad campaigns, emails or whatever marketing approach you can think of.

When will I get paid?

You will only get paid for paying customers and you need to consider our 15 days trial period, so after generating a lead you will need to wait around 15 days until you will get confirmation whether that lead became a paying customer. Once converted you will get paid in the beginning of the following month.

How will I get paid?

You can provide us with your PayPal information and we will send you the payments via PayPal. If you do not have a Paypal account please contact us and we can discuss an alternative payment method.

How should I promote wecantrack?

Problem & Solution

There are many different angles that can be used to promote our service. One effective one is pointing out the struggles affiliate publishers face and how to fix these via the wecantrack system. Here are a few bullet points:

It is also good to mention the ease of the installation. Merely by placing a JavaScript tag or installing the WordPress plugin, the wecantrack system will automatically place click IDs within the publisher’s affiliate link. This means that publishers will not have to adjust any of their affiliate links manually, unlike with other traditional trackers.



It is of course also great to point out the (potential) outcome:

  • ROAS optimised ad campaigns – higher revenue with lower costs
  • Funnel Optimisation – better insights on campaign and content performance to make data driven decisions
  • Time saving – saving countless hours by having the conversion data available in the tools you use and within wecantrack
  • Efficient retargeting – considering sessions, clicks, leads and sales in audiences can be a game changer for retargeting campaigns