About Us

wecantrack is a software solution that offers tools to help (affiliate) publishers in their everyday business activities.

Our mission is to offer a simple and easy to install, analytical reporting tool that makes conversion data and the user behavior of our clients’ customers more transparent, which allows our clients to shift their focus on their cash cows in order to avoid negative returns on investments.


Our vision is to offer an analytical software that automatically creates profitability reports including all revenue and cost data in order to make data analysis easier and quicker for our clients, so that they can shift their focus on quality rather than on quantity.


Hey there, we are Ajay and Sirio, the founders of wecantrack!

We both worked for a successful affiliate publisher, active in 14 markets, for multiple years in which we managed to build various tools that helped with the company’s conversion tracking, admin panel data dashboards, affiliate link testing APIs, automated content sorting through algorithms, deeplink generators and more…

In January 2017 we finally managed to accomplish what seemed impossible to us for many years, to integrate over 95% of our sales data into Google Analytics and match it with the correct users, landing pages, channels and devices. This created great advantages and opportunities for us which made us realize that this is an amazing tool to offer to other fellow affiliates and led to the decision to found wecantrack in January 2019.

We are now fully committed to wecantrack and focus on helping our clients to set up proper sales tracking for them and advise them on what critical aspects to focus on each day.

We know that affiliate marketing is becoming a more challenging industry for publishers every year, with so many restrictions, affiliate networks, sub affiliate networks and increasing competition. Being able to fully monitor every channel and website element is more important than ever!

Let us know if you want to chat about data 😉

Next Level Data Tracking

We will help you to reach your goal in terms of data collection, aggregation, processing, attribution and integration. Feel free to book a call with us to discuss your needs.

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