Facebook Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Facebook Ads Integration

Affiliate marketing in Facebook Ads is becoming more challenging with all the new Facebook and iOS updates. Instead of being able to place your own Facebook tracking pixel on advertisers’ websites you will now need to integrate affiliate conversion data in Facebook from server to server by using their Facebook Conversion API.

In this guide we will explain to you how you can activate our server side Postback and API Facebook conversion integration feature.


Facebook Ads Integration activation guide

  • If you place your Pixel ID(s) within the website form(s) you filled in on our platform our system will start to push conversions to Facebook, where the session contained a Facebook cookie or a FBCLID.
  • If you also fill in the Facebook Conversion API token our system will additionally push conversions coming from sessions not containing any Facebook cookie or FBCLID, which can be helpful to build look alike audiences. You can generate you Facebook Conversion API Access Token within the settings of your Facebook Pixel.
Facebook Pixel Conversion API Access Token
  • Go to Features and click on the “Enable” button of the Facebook Ads Integration feature.

IP Tracking Adjustment (optional)

  • In case you want to improve the audience attribution coverage for conversions that came from other channels than Facebook and that did not have any Facebook cookie or FBCLID available, then you can adjust the IP tracking setting within the advanced website settings. By standard we anonymise IPs due to data protection regulations. You can switch it to ‘Store full IP’, but please ensure you comply with data protection regulations. If you are unsure about this we advise to keep it on anonymised.
  • You can find this setting under Data Sources > Websites > Edit (of the relevant website) > Show advanced settings


How does the iOS 14.5 update affect the Facebook conversion integration?

Visitors using iOS 14.5 or higher have the possibility to opt out from tracking within apps. This means they can also opt out from tracking in the Facebook app. While our system and other systems using the Facebook Conversion API can still send conversion data from iOS 14.5 users but Facebook will discard these in order to comply with data processing regulations. This means that our system can still send these conversions to Facebook but Facebook will not attribute them to your Facebook Ads manager.

Why do not all my conversions get registered in my Facebook Ads Manager or audiences?

While we can send all your conversions to the Facebook Pixel it does not mean that Facebook can attribute all conversion data to Facebook users. You need to consider that not all your website visitors necessarily have a Facebook account, and if they do their session did not necessarily contain a Facebook cookie or FBCLID if they did not come directly from Facebook to your website. While we also send along user agents and (anonymised) IPs, these two values often are not enough for Facebook to do a proper attribution.

How long does it take until my conversions are showing in the Facebook Ads Manager

We process the integration as close to real time as possible (once we have received the conversion from the network). According to Facebook’s documentation they require up to 72 hours to fully attribute the conversions. From our experience, the adjusted approach we are using usually requires around 2 to 3 hours to attribute the conversion data.

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