Pinterest Ads Integration Guide (BETA)


Pinterest Ads Integration activation guide

  • Within your Pinterest Ads account, go to Ads > Conversions
  • Click on Converison Access Token (on the left)
  • Go to Features and enable the integration feature

That’s it, from now on conversions coming from Pinterest Ads campaigns will be integrated in your Pinterest Ads account using their conversion API.

How to track Pinterest Ads campaigns in wecantrack & GA?

To monitor your Pinterest Ads campaigns on both the wecantrack dashboard and Google Analytics, it is necessary to include UTM parameters in the destination links that you use for your Pinterest ads. You can easily add your preferred UTM parameters to the URLs. Since Pinterest also provides URL variables you can set up the URL similar to this example:


UTM Link Builder

You can also use this UTM link builder to generate your own UTM link. Simply fill in the fields and click on ‘Add UTM Parameters’.