Snapchat Ads Integration

Snapchat Ads Integration

Once you have created your We Can Track account and connected your affiliate networks and websites our system will track your traffic data and attribute your conversion data to it. Because of that we can integrate your affiliate conversions in Snapchat Ads via Conversion API.

Please note that the integration will work better if our system stores full IPs. IPs are considered personal data so please make sure you comply with data processing regulations before adjusting that setting.


Creating a Pixel / Finding Pixel ID

  • If you already have a Snapchat Pixel you don’t have to create a new one
  • If you don’t, please go to Assets > Events Manager
  • Click on the ‘New Event Source’ button
  • Click on ‘Web’
  • Click on ‘Pixel Code’
  • Copy the provided pixel code and place it on your website or on the relevant pages (required)
  • Copy the Pixel ID
  • Place it in the relevant website form within the We Can Track platform

Authenticating Conversion API Access

  • Within We Can Track go to Data Sources > Websites
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button of the relevant website
  • Click on ‘Show more integrations’
  • Make sure the Snapchat Pixel ID was placed
  • Click on ‘+ Connect Snapchat’
  • Log in with your Snapchat account
  • Click on Continue

Full IP tracking

In order to make use of the Snapchat Ads integration we will need to fully track your visitors IPs. Please make sure you comply with data processing regulations.

  • Within We Can Track go to Data Sources > Websites
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button of the relevant website
  • Click on ‘Show advanced settings’
  • Select ‘Store full IP’
  • Click on ‘Save’

Activating the integration feature

  • Navigate to Features
  • Enable the Snapchat Ads Integration feature

From now on relevant conversions will be integrated in Snapchat Ads as Purchase events. The events will show in a separate pixel overview containing ‘(via Conversion API)’ in the name.

Please note the following:

  • the attribution can take up to 38 hours.
  • conversions from iOS >= 14.5 traffic that opted out can fall into conversion modeling or be discarded, so a 100% coverage cannot be expected.

Snapchat Ads Integration Video Guide

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