Tailored for Media Publishers:
Empower Your Affiliate Strategy
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Are you a Media Publisher seeking to elevate your affiliate marketing game? Look no further!
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Scale your affiliate content

Define your affiliate content strategy with unique insights tailored for media publishers. Access data-driven intelligence to shape your content direction and maximize affiliate success.

All data in one place

A single, user-friendly dashboard that effortlessly consolidates your conversion data, traffic sources, landing page performance, and sales attribution. No more manual commission reports and the need to log into multiple networks.

Funnel and Content Optimisation

Utilize our robust data attribution capabilities to explore your funnel, conversion data, and user behavior. Gain valuable insights into which pages generate the highest conversions and deliver the most value to your audience.

Campaign Automation

Tap into Google', Facebook and other ad networks machine learning capabilities to effortlessly reach the right audience, optimize your bids, and allocate your budgets. Running paid traffic to your most successful and valuable pages has never been this easy.

Efficient Retargeting

You will be able to see all clicks, leads & conversions your visitors trigger allowing you to retarget the right audience to get users back who abandoned the funnel.

Custom Data Attribution

Make use of our metadata and custom index parameters to combine your internally tracked data with traffic and conversion data collected by us.

Endless possibilities for a
better affiliate experience
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350+ Data Sources

Data sources that flows in 🚀 View all 350+ here.

Sale counter: See trends so that you can measure your success or anticipate if the trend is declining.

Graph: Measure and compare your success with other periods (growth insights).

Graph: Real-time status of transactions. No more waiting, just sip immediately.

Data flows out

We have 13+ data integrations to keep track of your data in other platforms 🚀 View all here.

More features

Our wecantrack has many more to offer you. Plan a demo to view all features.

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Tailored for Media Publishers:
Empower Your Affiliate Strategy
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Grow your affiliate income with affiliate conversion tracking in tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads and more.