2. Connecting Data Sources

In order for our system to collect your conversion data you will need to connect your affiliate networks to it. Currently there are three different connection methods available, depending on the affiliate network we will use a specific method.

  • Simply go to Data Sources > Affiliate Networks in order to find the affiliate networks we have established connections with
  • Search for an affiliate network you want to connect and click on it
  • Click on + Add New Account and our system will either ask you for specific credentials or it will allow you to generate a Postback URL

Connecting Affiliate Networks via API

If the network connection is done via API, we will ask you to fill in API credentials, usually an API key and account ID but this is different for every affiliate network. Once you have clicked on ‘+ Add New Account’, you will find which details we need together with descriptions (and sometimes also links) on where to find them.

Give the network account connection a name. This name will also be included in our dashboard or in certain reports and you will be able to filter on it.

Moreover, you can give the network account a tag. This tag will deliver additional filtering capabilities.
E.g.: If you have multiple websites or target specific markets and you use one network account for each, you can easily set up tags in order to filter data based on websites or markets.

Connecting Affiliate Networks via Postback URL

For some affiliate networks we have established a connection via Postback URLs. The difference between a Postback URL and an API is that instead of us requesting data the network sends the data to us. The process of connecting a network this way is quite similar though. Instead of providing us with API credentials you merely need to generate a Postback URL via our system which you then place in the Postback URL section of the corresponding affiliate network.

It is also possible for you to adjust the Postback URL parameters yourself if you want certain details that we register to be different.

Connecting Affiliate Networks – Video Guide

Importing data via custom imports

Under Data Sources > Custom Imports we also offer the functionality to import data via CSV or Google Sheet files. This allows you to include all the relevant conversion data you collect in our system, no matter whether it comes from affiliate networks or not or whether the networks have an API or Postback URL connection.

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