Taboola Integration

Taboola Integration

After you have created your We Can Track account, connected your affiliate networks and websites our system will be able to track your traffic data and attribute your conversion data to it. Because of that we will be able to integrate your affiliate conversions in Taboola via Postback URL.


Taboola Integration step by step guide

  • Go to Taboola Pixel > Conversions
  • Click on New Conversion
  • For Type select ‘Event’
  • For Based On select ‘Custom’
  • Give the conversion a name, e.g. ‘Affiliate Conversion’
  • For Event Name use ‘wct-conversion’ (it has to be exactly that)
  • For Category select ‘Purchase’
  • Don’t place a value
  • Use a Conversion Window of 30 days
  • For Include in Total Conversions select ‘Yes’
  • For the exclusion of converters you can select what you prefer (using ‘Yes’ is recommended if you do not want to target users again if they already made a purchase)
  • You do not need to place the provided pixel anywhere
  • Click on ‘Create Conversion’
  • Go to the Embed Code section and select the following Dynamic Parameters:
    • Value (Revenue)
    • Currency
    • Order ID
  • You do not need to place this Pixel anywhere
  • Click on ‘Create Conversion’
  • Now go to your Taboola campaign and adjust the parameters within the Tracking section, which is used for your landing page URLs
  • Make sure to include the following parameter:
    • tbclid={click_id}

Here is an example of a tracking template you can use:


Please note that it is important that the click ID parameter is called ‘tbclid’, since that is the parameter our system will be looking for.

  • Go to Features and activate the ‘Taboola Integration’ feature.
Taboola Integration Feature Activation

Taboola Integration Video Guide

That’s it!

From now on your affiliate conversions coming from Taboola campaigns will automatically be integrated in Taboola.

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