Taboola Integration Guide


Taboola Integration step by step guide

  • Go to Taboola Pixel > Conversions
  • Click on New Conversion
  • For Type select ‘Event’
  • For Based On select ‘Custom’
  • Give the conversion a name, e.g. ‘Affiliate Conversion’
  • For Event Name use ‘wct-conversion’ (it has to be exactly that)
  • For Category select ‘Purchase’
  • Use a Conversion Window of 30 days
  • Don’t place a value
  • For Include in Total Conversions select ‘Yes’
  • For the exclusion of converters you can select what you prefer (using ‘Yes’ is recommended if you do not want to target users again if they already made a purchase)
  • You do not need to place the provided pixel anywhere
  • Click on ‘Create Conversion’
  • Go to Features and activate the ‘Taboola Integration’ feature.

Taboola Integration Video Guide

That’s it!

From now on your affiliate conversions coming from Taboola campaigns will automatically be integrated in Taboola.