Google Analytics Affiliate Conversion Integration

Google Analytics Integration

After you have created your We Can Track account, connected your affiliate networks and websites our system will be able to track your traffic data and attribute your conversion data to it. This enables us to push your conversion data to other tools such as Google Analytics.


Step by step guide

  • Enable Ecommerce in Google Analytics
    Activating Ecommerce within Google Analytics is very simple but does require you to have admin rights of the account.

    • Go to Admin – Ecommerce Settings
    • Turn on “Enable Ecommerce”
      Please do not enable Enhanced Ecommerce
      If you want to make use of Enhanced Ecommerce, please send us an email.

In order to gain more precision in terms of sales attribution, you can increase the Google Analytics session duration to 4 hours (which is the maximum).

  • Go to Admin – Tracking Info – Session Settings
  • Set Session timeout to 4 hours and 0 minutes

Go to Features and click on the “Enable” button of the Google Analytics Integration feature.


That was it! From now on your affiliate sales will be integrated in your Google Analytics account.
Please note that only conversions coming from clicks that happened after the installation of We Can Track will be integrated in Google Analytics. This means it will take some time to have a full coverage because sales from older clicks will still be registered in the networks because of the cookie duration but cannot be imported to Google Analytics due to the missing SubIDs.

Google Analytics Integration Guide Video

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

If you are using our Clickout API to pass click data to us we can also set up an Enhanced Ecommerce integration which could contain information regarding products, brands, categories, lists, affiliate networks, SKUs and transaction IDs. You will need to provide us the information you want integrated via our metadata parameter within the Clickout API. Please contact us if you are interested in this functionality and we will give you additional information.

GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Integration

Because the GA4 API is still in alpha stage we have not set up an integration with GA4. Once this API endpoint goes into beta we will work on an integration. Until then we recommend you make use of our Universal Analytics Integration.

Affiliate Link Click Goal in Google Analytics

Once you have fully connect your networks, websites and analytics integration, the clicks on your affiliate links will be tracked in Google Analytics under events. Due to that you can also set up a Click goal next to the Ecommerce goal. This will help you analise click through rates for your website content.

  • To set up the click goal, go to Admin > Goals
  • Click on “+ New Goal”
  • As goal setup select “Custom” and click on “Continue”
  • As goal setup select “Custom” and click on “Continue”
  • Give your goal a name (e.g. “Click”, “Click Through” or “Click-out”)
  • As type select “Event” and click on “Continue”
  • Please set “Category Equals to WCT”
  • “Action Equals to Click”
  • Leave the other fields empty and click on “Save”

You’re all set. Now you can go and select the Click goal within your Acquisition section in Google Analytics.

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