Webhook Integration

Through our Webhooks you can automatically receive the conversion data our system collects in your own databases and applications. Whenever our system registers a new conversion or conversion updates, it will trigger the Webhook within 10 minutes.


Webhook Integration activation guide

  • Within We Can Track, go to Features
  • Enable ‘Reporting API & Webhook’
  • Go to Data Integrations > API > Webhook
  • Place your Webhook URL in the URL field
  • Set the Status on enabled
  • Select the Request Method
  • Click on Save

POST Response Example

  transaction_id: '1111111111',
  network_id: 'awin',
  user_network_account_id: 111,
  reference: 'WCT201026224341abcde',
  sale_amount: 100,
  commission_amount: 10,
  currency_id: 'EUR',
  status: 'approved',
  order_date: '2020-10-27 01:57:36',
  click_date: '2020-10-27 01:43:41',
  validation_date: null,
  modified_date: '2021-01-11 08:36:21',
  updated_at: '2021-01-11T09:55:11.000000Z',
  advertiser_id: '1111',
  advertiser_name: 'OTTO DE',
  decline_reason: null,
  sub_ids: {
    clickref: 'XYYZUSERID-DEALID-WCT201026224341abcde',
    clickref2: null,
    clickref3: null,
    clickref4: null,
    clickref5: null,
    clickref6: null
  paid_to_publisher: 0

GET Response Example

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