Google Shopping Affiliate Conversion Tracking

Tracking Google Shopping / CSS Campaigns

There are two methods how you can integrate your Google Shopping / CSS campaign conversions in Google Ads. Since for Google Shopping you always need to lead shoppers directly to the merchants’ websites you need to either place the affiliate URLs or redirect URLs that lead to affiliate URLs as tracking templates.

Using Affiliate URLs as tracking template

Simply make sure to follow our guidelines regarding our direct linking campaign tracking, as we explained in the Google Ads Integration guide.

Make sure to include the GCLID variable in a subid parameter of the affiliate URL in the following way:{gclid})

This way our system will be able to determine that there is a GCLID which it will then push together with the transaction information to the Tag ID provided on account level.

Using Redirect URLs as tracking template

When using your own redirect URLs as tracking templates, the integration process works the same way as when you connect a normal website of yours. So simply follow these steps:


Why does the conversion data in Google Ads not align with the conversion data in We Can Track?

Google Ads attributes the conversion data to the click data and thus to click dates. Because of that, their standard ‘Conversion’ and ‘Conv. Value’ columns report the conversions on the dates when the clicks occurred that led to these. Google Ads also has fields that report conversion data based on order dates, these are called Conversion (by conv. time) and Conv. Value (by conv. time). These column values will be more in line with the numbers in Google Analytics and the We Can Track dashboard.

In the following article from Google you can read more regarding Google Ads conversion attribution:

How long does it take until I can see conversion data in Google Ads?

While We Can Track integrates conversion data within a couple of minutes, the attribution within Google Ads takes a couple of hours. This differs between different integration methods.

Direct Google Ads Integration: Around 3 hours (usually quicker)

Integration vie Google Analytics: Around 6 hours

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