How to track Affiliate Sales in Snapchat Ads

Maximize Snapchat Affiliate Marketing Potential With Sales Tracking

Reach 375 million people who use Snapchat daily. Automatically track and integrate all your affiliate sales and lead conversion data in your Snapchat Ads campaigns to properly optimize your bidding, ad groups, video ads, and audiences.

How Does The Snapchat AdsAffiliate Sales Integration Work?

By using our system, you can easily integrate your affiliate conversion data in your Snapchat Pixel and campaigns via Conversion API (s2s). Simply add your affiliate network accounts and your website to our system, and we will do the rest!

In order to integrate your affiliate sales into your Snapchat Ads accounts, we track your sessions, clicks, and sales and match them. The attribution is done automatically, and once it’s done, our system will know what exactly it needs to import into your Snapchat Ads account to fully attribute the conversion data to your Snapchat Ads campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

The tracking of your data is split into two essential steps:

Traffic Data Tracking

Your traffic data is tracked by our JavaScript snippet, WordPress plugin, or API connection. Those will also make the necessary adjustments to your affiliate links.

Sales Data Tracking

Your sales data is tracked using the affiliate networks’ API endpoints. We will frequently fetch the sales data by accessing the networks with your API credentials.

How To Track Affiliate Sale Conversions In Snapchat Ads

In order to fully install our Snapchat Ads Affiliate Sales Integration feature, you need to follow 4 steps.

  1. Create a wecantrack account
  2. Connect your affiliate network account(s)
  3. Connect your website(s)
  4. Activate the Snapchat Ads Integration feature

For all steps we have detailed step by step guides on our Installation Guide page that will lead you through the process. Here is a video guiding you through all the steps:

The Outcome: Snapchat Ads With Conversion Data Integrated

By integrating affiliate sales in Snapchat Ads, you are finally able to see the monetary performance of your campaigns, ad groups, and video ads.

These insights will help you determine what performs well and what you need to improve or pause. For example, you might notice that a certain video ad has a high CTR and generates a lot of clicks but no sales, while another ad has a very low CTR but a high conversion rate.

You can easily stop the one that’s draining your budget and focus on the one that’s generating revenue.

Conversion As Your Campaign Objective

Now that your conversion data is integrated into your Snapchat ads, you can select Website Conversions as your campaign objective. This will allow Snapchat Ads AI to optimize your ads’ performance based on your actual revenue and conversion data.

Campaign Budget Optimization

Campaign budget optimization uses your campaign budget to automatically find the best opportunities to achieve results for each ad group.

Your campaign budget will be allocated in real-time to achieve the best possible results, and now, with the conversion data in your campaigns, this will take into consideration your actual sales performance to provide your campaigns and ad groups with the most optimal budget allocation.

Snapchat Ads Campaigns Dashboard With Conversion Data:

Benefits Of Tracking Affiliate Sales In Snapchat Ads

Decrease Unnecessary Costs & Increase ROAS​

By integrating affiliate sales in Snapchat Ads, you can finally see the monetary performance of your campaigns, adgroups, and ads. This will help you to properly adjust your campaigns to eliminate cost drivers that kill your profits since the columns Conversion and Total Complete Payment Value will be filled in with your conversion data.

A/B Test Campaigns Based On Conversions​

This means you can set up A/B tests to find out which ads and audiences perform well and which don’t. Based on the findings, you can allocate your budget to the pieces that convert and are profitable.

Fine-tune Your Audiences​

Additionally, since your conversion data will be registered within your Snapchat Ads Pixel, you can set up audiences that include or exclude converters. A very helpful audience that is often likely to perform well includes the visitors who clicked on an affiliate link and excludes the visitors that have already generated a conversion.

This way, you will show your ads to users interested in what you promoted but didn’t buy for whatever reason. Getting them to engage with your content again can be very effective since you know those users are interested in what you are offering.

How To Use Snapchat Ads For Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketers are in the perfect position to take advantage of Snapchat’s huge user base, which has an average age of 18. According to Business Insider, Snapchat is now home to 100 million active users daily and 7 billion video views per day. If you’re interested in learning how to use Snapchat for affiliate marketing, you can take our wecantrack integration to the next level!

While Affiliate marketers are in a good position to explore the platform, Snapchat ads might not be the best fit for you if you want to promote products with high costs or that target a more mature audience.

Affiliates stand to benefit the most given Snapchat’s impressive numbers of active daily users , which is why it’s extremely important to track and integrate your affiliate sales or leads through our wecantrack and Snapchat ads integration. If you’re making use of Snapchat Ads for affiliate marketing already, you should make sure the Pixel is set up correctly and the connection with the Conversion API is established. Via the Conversion API you will then have all the relevant affiliate conversions fully attributed to your Snapchat Ads campaigns.

The Power Of Snapchat For Affiliate Marketing

Snapchat has many advantages over other social platforms for affiliate marketing, including the ability only to show ads to interested users, giving the user control over the ad experience by skipping ads they’re not interested in, and allowing you to deliver your ads to an already engaged audience. Affiliate marketers are well-equipped to take advantage of Snapchat’s targeting abilities, which let you put content directly into the hands of those most likely to enjoy it.

While it’s true that Instagram and Facebook Ads have a larger reach, with over 500 million people watching stories daily, advertising on smaller platforms like Snapchat still has advantages and provides less advertiser competition. This makes it one of the best platforms to expand your business and start experimenting with Snapchat Ads for affiliate marketing.

An important aspect you must consider is that Snapchat affiliate sales tracking and integration will only work if you lead the user to your own landing page or website where you have placed your affiliate links. Conversions coming from direct linking campaigns cannot be integrated by our system.