Installation Guide

Welcome to the We Can Track installation guide. After creating your account you can log into our interface and get started with the installation process.

In this overview you will find step by step instructions on how to properly create an account, connect your data sources and websites and how to integrate your data in tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel & Ads, Microsoft Ads, Data Studio, BigQuery, Zapier and many more applications via our API or Webhooks.

Setting up the account’s foundation

In order to make use of any integration features you will first need to create an account, connect your data sources and connect your website(s) or applications.

1. Set up your account

2. Connecting Data Sources

3. Connecting websites

Data Analysis Platform Integrations

Google Analytics Affiliate Conversion Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Data Studio Affiliate Conversion Integration

Data Studio Integration

Ad Network Integrations

Google Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Google Ads Integration

Facebook Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Facebook Pixel & Ads Integration

Microsoft Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Microsoft Ads Integration

Data Storage or Connection Platform Integrations

BigQuery Affiliate Conversion Integration

BigQuery Integration


Zapier Integration

Custom Integrations

Transaction API

  • Request all collected conversions in one unified structure via API

Click Aggregation API

  • Request click data grouped by custom indexes you have provided us with via Clickout API


Additional Information

We Can Track Auto-Tagging

  • All about our click tracking and click ID placement methods

Integrated Affiliate Networks

  • Check out our list of more than 200 integrated affiliate networks and read further descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Find out which questions we receive frequently and what the answers are
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