How to automatically place unique Click IDs to track Affiliate Links?

Auto Tagging: Click ID Placements and Click Tracking

In order to place unique click IDs into affiliate links we have different methods available.

1. Client Side Auto-Tagging

wecantrack’s JavaScript tag will scan the active page for available affiliate links (only from affiliate networks the user has connected to the platform) and will place a  SubID parameter and unique click ID directly within these affiliate links. When a user clicks on an affiliate link wecantrack will register the click together with its unique ID and will then be able to trace any conversions coming in containing that click ID back to the click.

This method does not make use of any additional redirects and is thus preferred by ad networks since their policies regarding link cloaking can cause campaigns to get disapproved or even accounts to get suspended.

If you are making use of uncloaked affiliate links on your website and you want to set up paid ads on Google Ads or Facebook Ads we recommend to use this method.

2. Redirect URLs – Automatic Cloaking

When auto-tagging is turned off wecantrack will automatically replace the affiliate URLs with redirect URLs. When our WordPress plugin is used, the redirect URL will use the website domain for the redirect URL, if our WordPress plugin is not used, the system will use… or… as domains for redirect URLs, you can adjust this within the advanced website settings.

It is also possible to use one of your domains for redirect URLs (not the website’s one though). In case you want to set that up please reach out to us.

3. Cloaked URLs via WordPress plugins

If you cloak your affiliate links via WordPress plugins such as Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, Redirection, Affiliate Links Lite, Lasso, The Affiliate Plugin, etc. our WordPress plugin will automatically place SubID parameters and click IDs within the redirect process. You only need to make sure that our WordPress plugin is active on the website.

4. Clickout API with Cloaked URLs via own cloaking methods

In case you cloak the affiliate links yourself, you can use our Clickout API to receive our click IDs or to provide our system with your own unique click IDs. Through the Clickout API you can also provide our system with additional data through the metadata and custom index parameters, which will enrichen your reports (e.g. with product names, deal titles etc.) and you will be able to receive information back from our system to automate content sorting on your website.

For example: You can send us product IDs with each click, we can then report back to you clicks, conversions and commission amount grouped by product IDs via our aggregation API, which you can then use to sort your content, fully automated.