How to track Affiliate Sales in Pinterest Ads

Unlock Pinterest Ads Affiliate Marketing Potential with Sales Integration

Connect with an expansive audience on Pinterest. Seamlessly monitor and merge your affiliate sales and lead conversion insights within your Pinterest ad campaigns. Optimize your bids, tailor your ads, and refine audience targeting effortlessly.

How Does The Pinterest Ads Affiliate Sales Integration Work?

Through our system, you can seamlessly integrate your affiliate conversion insights into your Pinterest Ads affiliate campaigns. Simply link your affiliate network accounts and website to our platform, and we’ll take care of the rest!

To integrate your affiliate sales into your Pinterest Ads accounts, we meticulously track your sessions, clicks, and sales, ensuring automatic attribution. Once completed, our system accurately imports the essential conversion data into your Pinterest Ads account, attributing it seamlessly to your affiliate campaigns and ads.

The tracking process involves two crucial steps:

Traffic Data Tracking
Your traffic data is monitored using our JavaScript snippet, WordPress plugin, or API connection. These tools not only track but also optimize your affiliate links for maximum performance.

Sales Data Tracking
We track your sales data by leveraging affiliate networks’ API endpoints and Postback URL. Accessing the networks with your API credentials, we regularly fetch sales data to ensure comprehensive tracking and attribution.

How to track affiliate sale conversions in Pinterest Ads

In order to fully install our Pinterest Ads affiliate sales integration feature, you need to follow 4 steps.

  1. Create a wecantrack account
  2. Connect your affiliate network account(s)
  3. Connect your website(s)
  4. Activate the Pinterest Ads Integration feature

For all steps we have detailed step by step guides on our Installation Guide page that will lead you through the process.

The Outcome: Pinterest Ads With Conversion Data Integrated

Integrating affiliate sales into Pinterest Ads unveils the financial performance of your campaigns and ads.

These insights serve as a compass, revealing high-performing elements and areas for enhancement or pause. For instance, you might discover an ad with a high Click-Through Rate (CTR) that garners numerous clicks but lacks conversions, while another ad boasts a lower CTR yet drives substantial conversions. It becomes simple to halt the budget-draining ad and redirect resources toward the sales-generating one.

Checkout (Purchase) As Your Campaign Objective

Now that you have your conversion data integrated into your Pinterest Ads, you can use the Checkout event to optimize your campaigns. This will allow Pinterest Ads AI to optimize your ads’ performance based on your actual revenue and conversion data.

Benefits Of Tracking Affiliate Sales In Pinterest Ads

Decrease Unnecessary Costs & Increase ROAS

By integrating affiliate sales in Pinterest Ads you are finally able to see the monetary performance of your campaigns and ads. This will help you to properly adjust your campaigns to eliminate cost drivers that kill your profits since the columns Conversions and Conversion Value will be filled in with your conversion data.

A/B Test Campaigns Based On Conversions

This means you can set up A/B tests to find out which ads and audiences perform well and which don’t. Based on the findings, you can allocate your budget to the pieces that actually convert and are profitable. There’s no longer the need to guess which ads have the best ROAS on your Pinterest Ads affiliate ads!

Fine-tune your audiences

Now that your conversion data will be registered within your Pinterest Ads campaigns, you can set up audiences that either include or exclude converters. A very helpful audience that is often likely to perform well is one that includes the visitors that clicked on an affiliate link and excludes the visitors that already generated a conversion. This way you will show your ads to users who showed interest in what you promoted but didn’t buy for whatever reason.