Direct Linking Campaigns Integration

You can add your pixels, tags and API tokens on account level for most ad networks, which our system will then use to integrate conversion data directly into the ad network when it finds a relevant click ID within a subid parameter of the conversion. Please consider that we cannot track any click data for direct linking campaigns, we can merely register conversion data and integrate it in the relevant ad network accounts.

Requirements for Direct Linking Campaign Integration

How to set up the connection to the ad network (property ID on account level)

Place your pixel id, tag id or API token on account level (not available for Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads & Revcontent):

  • Under Data Integrations > Platforms simply click on the relevant ad network
  • Click on the button ‘Direct Linking’ (on the top right)
  • Provide the relevant information

    In each of our ad network integration guides you can find out how / where to generate or receive the required pixel or tag IDs and API tokens.

How to set up the click ID variable within Affiliate URLs

  • Follow our click ID format so that our system will know to which ad network the click ID belongs. You only need to place the click ID format within a subid parameter of the affiliate URL. Here are the formats per ad network where this functionality is available:
  • Google Ads:{gclid})
  • Microsoft Ads:{msclkid})
  • TikTok Ads:
  • Taboola:Β{click_id})
  • Outbrain:{{ob_click_id}})
  • PropellerAds:${SUBID})

Once a conversion comes in containing for example msclkid(2edc51c9531218f5ba1f3067f2ccea98), it will know that the conversion came from a Microsoft Ad campaign and send it to the Microsoft Ads tag you provided on account level.

Please note that we don’t want to encourage our users to focus on this campaign strategy since we still believe that using pre-landers or your own websites provides more value to shoppers and also delivers a lot more tracking capabilities and control. πŸ˜‰

This method also works for Google Shopping / CSS campaign tracking. So if you would like to switch from the Google Sheet integration approach to this one feel free to reach out to us and we will assist you with making a seamless switch.

Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and TikTok Ads Direct Linking Video Guides