PropellerAds Integration Guide

After you have created your wecantrack account, connected your affiliate networks and websites our system will be able to track your traffic data and attribute your conversion data to it. Because of that we will be able to integrate your affiliate conversions in PropellerAds via Postback URL.


PropellerAds Integration step by step guide

  • Within PropellerAds, go to Tracking
  • Within the S2S Postback URL you can find an AID and TID parameter
  • Place the AID and TID values in the website form of the website you want to connect to your PropellerAds account
  • Within wecantrack, go to Features and activate the ‘PropellerAds Integration’ feature.
  • Create a PropellerAds campaign
  • Underneath Target URL click on {clickID} to add a click ID parameter
  • Rename the parameter to ppclid=${SUBID}

Here is an example URL:


PropellerAds Integration Video Guide

That’s it!

From now on your affiliate conversions coming from PropellerAds campaigns will automatically be integrated in PropellerAds.