AWIN MasterTag Integration Guide


AWIN wecantrack MasterTag activation guide

  • After activating the publisher MasterTag plugin in your AWIN account you will receive an email from wecantrack
  • Click on the button / link in the email to set up a password for your account
  • Set up a password for your new wecantrack account. (the email from your AWIN account will be used).
  • You can now continue the setup by adding your websites if you want to make use of our attribution and integration features.
  • Find out more about adding your websites to wecantrack.

  • If you want to use the master tag, click on the options icon within the wecantrack plugin.

  • Enable Auto Tagging and Inject Javascript

You can now activate our integration features here. But please ensure you have provided all relevant IDs and tokens in the website details.

If you want to connect other affiliate network accounts you can do that under data sources > affiliate networks.