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Where and how is our data stored?

Your data is stored in two separate databases, one being a protected database on our server, the other one a BigQuery database.

How long is our data stored?

Your data is stored indefinitely within the BigQuery database. We will start removing session and click data within the database on our server once a high scope is reached, we will inform you about that. This will not affect the data within your dashboard.

How much historic data can I access within the dashboard

We will not remove any historic data within your dashboard, hence you can go as far back as to the date of installation regarding session and click data.

Concerning conversion data, we can fetch all your historic sales data, if that is something you would like us to do, please contact us. This data will only be available in our dashboard, BigQuery dataset and sales API endpoint. It will not be integrated in Google Analytics, Google Ads or Facebook.

How are our network account API credentials stored and protected?

All your network account credentials are encrypted (AES-256) and stored in a secured database.

What happens with our data when we remove network accounts or close our We Can Track account?

If you remove network accounts and keep using our service the data will stay in the database. If you want us to delete that data, please contact us.

If you close your We Can Track account, we will keep your data for two months before deleting it, in case you change your mind. If you want us to delete your data right away, please contact us via email.

Can we export our data?

There are multiple ways to export your data:

  • You can fetch your data via our reporting APIs
  • You can ask us to export your data and send it to you
  • You can ask us to activate an exporting functionality within the dashboard

Do you frequently test our data coverage?

Conversion Data Coverage:

In case network accounts cannot be fetched we receive notifications and investigate why that happens. If there are problems with the API connection to the network, we first try to fix those ourselves and approach the network if the problem is on their end.

Conversion Attribution Coverage:

In the first weeks after installation we keep a close eye on your data coverage and can send you an attribution coverage report after 3 to 5 weeks. It will show you how your conversion attribution grows daily from a low percentage up to above 90% after 30 days. Due to cookie durations, the attribution coverage will take some time to reach a satisfactory percentage.

Do you analyse data from all your users and report trends and insights?

No, we don’t and never will!
We are a data processor and are not allowed to use the data in any other way than for further developing our service and fixing bugs.
You are the only owner of the data.

How do you handle rejected conversions?

We report conversion statuses in our dashboard and Data Studio reports. We let you know immediately when a conversion was declined and you can trace it back to its origin (traffic source, page, campaign, etc.).

When I adjust the currency for my account, when will my dashboard show the data in that currency?

After adjusting the currency for your account, our reports will immediately show in the selected currency but the dashboard will require up to 2 hours to adjust the data.


Our traffic and conversion performance fluctuates, how does that affect our price plan?

Our system will automatically sort you in the right price plan based on the performance of the previous 30 days. There is no need to select price plans manually.

What payment methods are available?

You can add credit cards to our billing system which we will charge automatically on a monthly basis.

If you prefer to use a different payment method, please get in touch with us.

Is there a free version of We Can Track?

Yes, we offer a free price plan which we call “Private Affiliate Price Plan”. If you are a small affiliate that does not exceed the following limitations, you can gladly use our service for free:

  • 5 Data Sources
  • 50 Attributed Conversions
  • 2,000 Clicks
  • 8,000 Sessions

If you exceed the limitations you will be placed in the next price plan.

Can I test We Can Track for free?

Yes, we offer a 30 days free trial period to all our users. Within this period you can test all our features without any limitations.


Does We Can Track work when I use link cloakers such as Pretty Links or Thirsty Affiliates?

Yes, We Can Track is compliant with almost every link cloaker. Simply use our WordPress plugin which will create the compliancy with your link cloaking plugin. Click here to find out more about our cloaking plugin.

I just installed We Can Track, why don’t I see my conversions of the last days/weeks in Google Analytics?

We Can Track can only integrate conversions coming from clicks that occurred after the installation of the software. We are dependent on the click IDs in order to integrate your conversion data in Google Analytics. So please be a little patient after the installation.

I installed We Can Track a week ago and it seems like only 50% of my conversions are being integrated, what is going wrong?

You need to consider the cookie duration right after the installation. When old clicks from before the installation of We Can Track still convert, our system will not be able to integrate those conversions. Usually, after 3 to 4 weeks the coverage will be close to 100%.

I can’t find an affiliate network that I am using in your system, how can I connect it?

If we do not support an affiliate network you need, please get in contact with us or fill in this form: https://wecantrack.com/integration-request/

We will then create a connection via API or Postback URL as soon as we can.

Can I track or import data of direct partnerships for which I don’t use an affiliate network?

Yes, we offer a CSV / Google Sheet integration feature that allows you to integrate custom data in our system. In most cases this can even be automated.

We are also capable to integrate conversions that were tracked via a merchant’s Google Analytics account. If you would like to find out more about this functionality, please get in contact with us and we will lead you through the setup process.

Can you integrate conversions in Taboola, Outbrain, Pinterest Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads or Propeller Ads?

At this point we support integrations in these platforms:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Revcontent
  • MGID
  • PropellerAds
  • PopAds
  • Data Studio
  • BigQuery
  • Zapier
  • Integrately

At currently do not support conversion integration in Pinterest Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads or LinkedIn Ads. Unfortunately these ad networks are dependent on personal data for attribution purposes which is why they were not integrated yet.

If you are missing any integrations please let us know and we will add them to our roadmap.

Is it possible to customise my dashboard?

Yes, we can customise your dashboard for you, simply let us know what your needs are and we will make the adjustments asap.

Is it possible to track and integrate direct linking campaigns?

Yes, we offer multiple tracking solutions for direct linking campaigns. It is also possible to integrate their conversions in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Pixel.

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