Tracking Affiliate Sales and Lead Conversions in Data Studio

Streamline Affiliate Reporting with Google Data Studio Integration

Automatically track and integrate all your affiliate conversion and traffic data in Data Studio to build your own dashboards and reports, containing all the relevant data you need.

Capabilities with affiliate conversion data in Data Studio

Connect all your data sources

Having all your affiliate sales in Data Studio comes with the great advantage that you can easily add further data sources to your dashboard. Because of that, you are able to show all of your most relevant data sets next to each other, giving you and your team a quick and full summary of your current performance. Besides the 18 standard data sources that Data Studio already provides, there are numerous partner connectors, giving you the opportunity to connect anything you want to have in your dashboard.

To add a new data source, go to:

Resource – Manage added data sources – Add a data source

Data Studio’s standard data sources:

Customize your dashboard

We offer you to make use of our Data Studio template but we also grant you edit rights, meaning you can customize the entire dashboard to your needs. Data Studio is very user friendly, making it possible to people with no technical background to create beautiful and sophisticated dashboards, graphs and tables.

In edit mode, just click on a table or graph and you will immediately get an edit bar that enables you to drag and drop dimensions and metrics into your graph or table. You can adjust the dimension or metric order and names, date ranges, filters, segments, comparisons and style. It is even possible to quickly add a new metric through a formula (e.g. “commission / sales”).

Filter out what's relevant to grow your business

Set up your tables and graphs in ways that they always point out the most important aspects. By using filters you can decide what data is shown. Whether you want to exclude certain transactions or values that exceed or fail to reach a defined amount, it’s up to your creativity and rational thinking what you want to express in your tables and graphs.

With filters you can create status reports that show you all the declines that were registered, for example, yesterday. Thus, you will always be up to date about any status changes and decline & approval rates.

Create your own graphs & reports

As mentioned before, with Data Studio it is easy to create reports with neat graphs and tables via drag and drop. Simply click on “Add a chart”, select your preferred chart stile and drag and drop the dimensions and metrics you wish to report on.

Easily share your reports

If you need to share reports with your colleagues or partners you simply have to click on the “Share” button and choose how you want to share your report, whether through a link or by entering an email address. You may also set whether the person gets the right to edit the report or merely view it.

How the Data Studio affiliate conversion and traffic data integration works

In order to integrate all your affiliate conversion data in Data Studio, we first need to collect your sales and leads data from your affiliate network accounts. We do this by making use of the affiliate networks’ API endpoints. So all you need to do is provide us with your network accounts’ API credentials and we will be able to gather your data.

We will then process your data, place it in one uniform database which we can then connect to Data Studio.

We also offer a sale to click attribution feature with which you will be able to identify from which traffic sources, campaigns, landing pages and websites your conversions were generated. Once we matched the data, we can also integrate it as a separate data set in Data Studio, giving you access to all your session, click and conversion data, connected with one another.

How to integrate your affiliate conversion data in Data Studio

You will only have to follow a few steps to integrate your affiliate conversions in Data Studio. If you want your affiliate sale and lead data attributed to your traffic data, you will need to follow an additional step.

These are the steps to get started:

If you want to have your conversion data attributed to traffic data as well then you need to follow the next step as well:

Once you have activated the Data Studio Integration feature, we will approach you with a dashboard template that contains your data set.

Additional tips on working with Data Studio

Creating new fields

Data Studio offers a wide range of functions with which you can create new fields to adjust or filter your data. There is a list of functions available on the Data Studio Help page, click on the following button to get there.

To create a new field:

  • Go to Resources > Manage added data sources
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button of the relevant data set
  • Click on + Add a new field (on the right)

You can for example use functions to create separate fields for pending, approved or declined commission, which will enable you to place them in separate columns next to each other in a table.

With our dataset the following formula can be used to filter out declined commission:

case when status = ‘declined’ then commission_amount else 0 end

Once this field was successfully created, you can select it when editing your tables and graphs.

In our Data Studio Integration guide you can find additional information regarding available fields and helpful formulas.