X (Twitter) Ads Integration Guide (BETA)


X Ads Integration activation guide

  • Within your X Ads account, go to Tools > Events Manager
  • Click on Add events
  • Give the event a name, e.g. ‘Affiliate Conversions’
  • Select ‘Purchase’ as event tyoe
  • Leave the attribution window settings at 30 days
  • The website activity audience setting can be activated or left turned off, it depends whether you want to build audiences based on the conversion events
  • Click on Next
  • Within setup method you can leave the setting as is and click on Next
  • Go to Features and enable the integration feature

That’s it, from now on conversions coming from X Ads campaigns will be integrated in your X Ads account.

How to track X Ads campaigns in wecantrack & GA?

In order to track your Twitter Ads campaigns in the wecantrack dashboard and within Google Analytics, you need to add UTM parameters to the destination URLs you place in your Twitter ads. Simply add the UTM parameters of your choice in the URLs, similar to this example:


UTM Link Builder

You can also use this UTM link builder to generate your own UTM link. Simply fill in the fields and click on ‘Add UTM Parameters’.