UTM Tracking Guide


What are UTM parameters?

UTM parameters are a set of URL parameters which are used by Google Analytics and other tracking services to track traffic sources, campaigns, ads, keywords and further definitions.

Just like Google Analytics, wecantrack is able to track any traffic source and campaigns as long as you make use of UTM parameters. It is also possible to track other URL parameters but this requires a custom setup since our system does not know these parameters yet, while it does know the standard UTM parameters, which are:

  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_content
  • utm_term

How to use UTM parameters?

All you need to do in order to track traffic sources and campaigns within our dashboard is to add one or multiple of these UTM parameters to your landing page URLs which you place in your campaigns. Here you can find an example, where we have placed UTM parameters in our landing page URLs for a LinkedIn campaign:


Where can I find UTMs in the report?

Within the attribution section of our dashboard you can find separate tables that report on UTM parameters.
By clicking on a row you are also able to filter the entire dashboard on these dimensions.

Additionally, you can also find UTM related reports within Google Analytics UA and Google Analytics 4.

Universal Analytics

You can find UA’s

  • Channel report under Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels
  • Traffic Source report under Acquisition > All Traffic > Source / Medium
  • Campaign report under Acquisition > Campaigns

You are also able to select the dimensions of these UTM parameters as primary or secondary dimensions in GA. The names of the dimensions are:

  • Source
  • Medium
  • Campaign
  • Ad Content
  • Keyword

Google Analytics 4

You can find GA4’s Channel report under Reports> Acquisition > User Acquisition

In that section you can also select other UTM dimensions as primary or secondary dimensions. The names of the dimensions are:

  • First user source / medium
  • First user source
  • First user medium
  • First user campaign
  • First user manual ad content (only available as secondary)
  • First user manual term (only available as secondary)

UTM Link Builder

You can use this UTM link builder to generate your UTM link. Simply fill in the fields and click on ‘Add UTM Parameters’.