Attributing Conversions to Clicks & Sessions

In order to attribute your conversion data to click and session data our system will require to place unique click ids (wct220101010000abcde) in subid parameters of your affiliate URLs. In case you are already making use of subids, our system will by standard append our click IDs with a space separator to the already existing value (value%20wct220101010000abcde).
Through our SubID selector (which is available in every affiliate network connector) or Click ID Placeholder, you can fully customise where our click IDs should be placed and which separator should be used.

In order for click IDs to be placed in your affiliate URLs we have different methods available. Follow the Flowchart underneath to decide which method would work best for you. To drag the chart hold right click and move your cursor. The green shapes are clickable and lead you to the implementation.

In case you are still unsure which method to use, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.