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Datingsitekeuze ‘Don’t take decisions which are not data-driven’

The online dating world is a competitive one, which means it can be hard to build a business as an affiliate website. When the competition is fierce, the right insights and data can make the difference between victory or failure. was struggling to find the right way to track conversions from start to finish. This made it difficult to outline the most effective and cost-efficient advertising journey. 

Discover how wecantrack helped solve this issue and paved the way for’s succes in the online dating niche!

Keeping track of the highlights

We’ll be looking at the challenges that faced, and how wecantrack helped solve those issues, shortly. But, for those of you that are in a hurry, here are the most important takeaways of this case study.

? The right insights to make a difference in the competitive market of online dating

? Finding the specific keywords that drive the most revenue

? New and targeted traffic for relevant and profitable landing pages

? Broader awareness nationally

Mainly, it was the interplay of different features that made the biggest impact for

wecantrack provided the right software to support the integration between the tracking analytics and advertising software. The most valuable was Landing Page Performance, which shows per page the CTR, and eCPC. The main feature as well as USP was the fact that wecantrack was able to support the integration itself in which we could track the performance of visitors all the way to the end.”

~ Niels Post (founder of


Platforms for online dating popped up like mushrooms over the last years. The global dating app revenue almost doubled over the last five years, from 1.69 billion dollars to more than 3 billion (source).

This is just to say: the online dating market is booming. At the same time, it can mean that people can’t see the wood for the trees and have a hard time to find the right platform. is a comparison platform that helps their visitors to find the right dating site or app for them. 

The website features reviews of the different platforms, top lists and dating guides. These are focussed on different target audiences, like:

  • Dating for people over 50
  • Educated singles

Furthermore, they were using dynamic search ads to explore other possibly interesting options for advertising. 

Biggest challenge targets people that are searching for transactional keywords. They then aim to convert those people to leads, or to buying customers with their affiliate partners.

The biggest challenge they were facing, was that they wanted to be able to track visitors and conversions from start to finish.

In other words: from that first click on one of their ads, up till the final conversion with one of their affiliate partners. Niels Post: [Getting insight in] this is most valuable as an affiliate website due to the fact that consumers don’t sign up or buy on your website, but on a partner’s.”

Especially in a competitive market like online dating, it’s crucial to know the ROAS of every penny spent. 

These wecantrack features helped face their challenges

To accomplish their goal of getting a better insight in their top performing ad campaigns, used the following wecantrack features:

It was the specificity of tracking and attribution that made the biggest difference for

wecantrack doesn’t just allow for a very specific eCPC per campaign but also per page! This gave us the right insights to continue our advertising journey.”

~ Niels Post 

The wecantrack software helped to easily determine which keywords and ads are the most successful and relevant. 

What did it mean for the success of their business? allowed their ads and campaigns to run for three months. This led to:

  • More than 220.000 impressions
  • Over 8.000 clicks
  • With three different campaigns

The biggest success was in finding new and relevant customers for the right landing pages, with a just above break-even ad spent. This allowed for more impressions and a broader awareness of, that wouldn’t have been possible without the tracking and attribution features of wecantrack.

Key take-away

Interestingly enough, discovered something that they didn’t expect. They learned that they should be focussing on higher priced offers, even though the CTR on those campaigns is incredibly high.

Furthermore, wecantrack opened our eyes for the structure and performance of landing pages, and how the CTR and eCPC correlated to the changes we’d made

The ONE lesson want to leave you with

Before we conclude this case study, we’d like to leave you with the biggest lesson that has learned from using wecantrack:

The main lesson we learnt is: ALWAYS TRACK YOUR PERFORMANCE. Secondly, don’t take decisions which are not data-driven. And a suitable strategy for this is to visualize and write out both your funnel and customer journey, and see how low you can enter the funnel. The lower the better and the more specific the keyword (long-tail and transactional) the more relevant your campaigns, ads and landing pages will be.”

~ Niels Post 

Interested in finding out how wecantrack can help YOUR business to get better insights, optimize performance and grow? Check out the features of the tool, or feel free to reach out to us!

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