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10+ Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for innovative and effective free traffic sources to attract more visitors to your affiliate marketing website(s)? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

There are a ton of free ways to get traffic that you may not have tried yet.

In this article, you’ll find the best sources and techniques for getting free traffic. Who knows? One of them might just be the secret you’ve been waiting for to skyrocket your affiliate site’s audience

Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

10 Free Traffic Sources You Can Try For Your Affiliate Marketing

We’ll start by looking at the best sources for free traffic. You’re probably already using some of these, but it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for new free traffic sources to add to your arsenal. 

Free Traffic Source #1: TikTok

If you’re looking to get free traffic amongst a young audience, then you simply must try TikTok.

TikTok is an app for sharing short (music)videos. You might say it is the video-based version of Instagram. It is immensely popular amongst the younger generation, but the competition on this platform is still relatively low since it is quite new.

This makes TikTok a massive opportunity and a great source of free traffic when your content is aimed at a young audience.

TikTok is a potential free traffic source that relatively few marketers are utilizing at the moment, and they also offer the chance to create TikTok ads (paid) campaigns that can further boost your affiliate performance. 

If you’re interested in TikTok ads for affiliate marketing you can check out wecantrack‘s guide on how to get started.

Free Traffic Source #2: SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” which means optimizing your content and website to make your pages visible in Google’s search results.

This is a great source of free traffic for your website, as opposed to advertising in Google’s search results, where you have to pay for every click. When you get good Google rankings, you will have an ongoing flow of free visitors actively searching for the information you have to offer. 

If you’re looking for ways to grow your traffic from SEO, be sure to check out these SEO tips for affiliate marketing, brought to you by thought leaders in the market.

Free Traffic Source #3: Twitter

It might be one of the early birds in the social media landscape, but when it comes to free social media traffic, Twitter still rules!

Just look at how a single tweet from Elon Musk can influence an entire crypto rate, and you understand how influential the blue-white birdie can still be. With a free account, you can easily get free clicks and visits, even if you don’t have Musk’s following.

To achieve this goal, use Twitter to promote your content and chime into discussions and conversations around your topic. You can use hashtags to be part of a promising conversation for your business. Include affiliate links in your tweets whenever they fit nicely without being too spammy or self-promoting.

Focus on adding something to the conversation, not on promoting your links, and Twitter might really be worth your while.

Free Traffic Source #4: Instagram

For a reason, we called number one on this list – TikTok – the video version of Instagram. Instagram is huge; there’s no denying it. With millions of users every day, this is probably where your audience is browsing, looking for inspiration, or just wanting to be entertained.

Let’s face it: you have to go where your audience is to get free traffic. This makes Instagram a free traffic source you can’t miss. If your affiliate site’s topic lends itself to visual content and you don’t leverage Instagram yet, setting up your account today might be your best bet to attract additional free traffic tomorrow.

The only downside to free traffic from this social platform is that not everyone gets free targeted visitors to their page. Instagram limits each post to only 30 people at once, even if your account has thousands of followers via hashtags or geotags! But wait, there are ways to work around this 60-30 rule.

Free Traffic Source #5: Pinterest

It may not be free to create a free account on Pinterest, but free organic traffic to any website is free. Regarding visual topics, Pinterest is another great free traffic source for promoting your affiliate content via visuals.

Even more than Instagram, Pinterest is where people can get inspired and find stunning designs, home interior ideas, or anything else creative.

Creating beautiful content that connects with your audience is the key to getting free visits from Pinterest. For inspiration, follow popular “boards” in the same niche as you are and find ways to add something to what’s already out there!

Your ultimate goal is to create cool content that people find cool enough to want to repin—the Pinterest equivalent of sharing your post. Of course, the more free repins you get, the more free traffic you will get, too!

Free Traffic Source #6: Q&A Websites And Forums

Q&A sites and forums like Quora allow people to ask questions that other visitors answer while discussing a topic. If you want free targeted traffic to your website, you can try participating in these discussions by creating an account on a high-quality Q&A site related to your niche.

Leave helpful comments to people’s questions, adding backlinks to content on your site for more information whenever relevant. However, take care to stay within the forum’s rules.

Note that these sites usually don’t allow self-promotional content, and each comment or answer should, in principle, focus on helping the one asking the question.

Free Traffic Source #7: YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google? Millions of people visit it daily, looking for inspiration, entertainment, and information.

Uploading videos doesn’t cost anything, and if they match what people are searching for, you’ll have a great chance of attracting organic views through YouTube’s algorithm, just as you would in Google by leveraging SEO.

It’s quite easy to upload informative videos nowadays. This means that YouTube might be a great free traffic source for your affiliate business, especially if you’re in a niche suitable for this content. Some videos that work especially well include:

  • Unboxing of popular items
  • How-to videos
  • Reviews, seeing the product in action


You can leverage the video description to add keywords, further increasing the chances of attracting a free audience to your videos. The description is also a great place to add your affiliate links, allowing you to push your viewers to your affiliate website as free traffic.

Despite being a great source of free traffic, you can promote your affiliate offers with YouTube ads by linking your Google Ads and YouTube accounts. 

Free traffic Source #8: Reddit

Reddit is probably one of the best—but massively underused—free traffic sources out there. Have you never heard of it before? Well, that’s why it’s underused!

Reddit is a forum-like social media platform where users submit content and discuss various topics in various subreddits or boards according to their interests. The best content will be upvoted by users, meaning free promotion and a wider audience.

Free Traffic Source #9: Building A Backlink Profile

We’ve already discussed SEO as a great way to attract an ongoing organic, free traffic stream via Google. But if you’re doing SEO anyway, there’s another great opportunity to look out for. Why not build your SEO while simultaneously getting extra free traffic from other sources?

Here’s what we mean by that.

An important part of building your SEO is working on your backlink profile. This means the number of websites linking to your content, which indicates that it is quality and increases the chances of ranking in the Google results.

One way of doing this is by writing guest posts for blogs and websites in your niche. You can offer to write the article for free if you can put a link pointing to your website in return.

Not only will this strengthen your backlink profile with a link from a good website in your niche, but it will also act as a free traffic source of its own by sending people your way who read your guest post and hit that link.

Free Traffic Source #10: Snapchat

Last but not least, on this list of free traffic sources, it is yet another very popular social media platform. Where Pinterest focuses on high-quality visual content, Snapchat is about creating only visible content for a short amount of time.

Snapchat allows users to create “snaps”: short videos or pictures that are 15 seconds long. The key to attracting a free audience via Snapchat is consistency: you’ll have to post regularly to build up a following. Snapchat is all about grabbing the short attention span of the younger generation.

Snapchat also offers a paid option with Snapchat ads that can help you drive more traffic. If you’re curious about how to get started with Snapchat ads for affiliate marketing you can check out wecantrack‘s page about how to properly set up affiliate conversion tracking in Snapchat ads

3 Bonus Tips For More Free Traffic From Existing Sources

Of course, adding new channels is not the only way to grow your free audience. The most effective way might be getting more free traffic from your existing sources and efforts. Let’s wrap this article up by looking at some best practices that might further boost your free reach.

  • Try guest posting on other blogs in your niche: Guest posting is still one of the best ways to get free traffic. It can help you build your reputation as an expert in your niche, gain backlinks for future SEO purposes, and get some free traffic from the people reading your stuff on other people’s blogs.
  • Write articles and submit them to article directories: Try uploading your content to free article directories like Medium. This will get your articles in the digital eyes of the many visitors these websites attract daily, building your brand reputation and, of course, your organic reach. Spamming your content with promotional links is mostly not permitted, but you can add links to your website that enrich your written piece.
  • Promote your content: You must promote your content to get the highest possible free traffic. This means sharing your content on social media. Promoting your content is probably even more important than creating it to attract the highest free traffic to your platform.

Utilizing browser push notifications is a powerful (almost free) strategy for affiliates. By offering valuable updates and promotions, affiliates can engage with their audience directly, driving targeted traffic to their websites.

Jorge Barbosa

Business Development Manager @ wecantrack

Source: wecantrack

Final Thoughts

Guest posting is still one of the best ways to get free traffic. You’ll cast a wider net by becoming visible on other websites, building your backlink profile, and strengthening your SEO.

If you’re spending a lot of time writing rich, informative content, you should at least devote some time to promoting that content on social media as well. This will increase the amount of free traffic from one article, making it even more worthwhile.

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing promotion. Try to find creative ways to translate your content to the platform that best suits your market and audience by turning it into Pins, videos, Snaps, TikTok, or Posts. Good luck!

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