Connecting Groupon data via API

How to track Groupon sales in Google Analytics & Google Ads


To track all your Groupon conversions and integrate them in Google Analytics and Google Ads you need to provide us with a Reporting API Key, Authentication Token and Location for each of your Groupon accounts. Those credentials need to be filled in within our data sources page which you can find by following this link:

You can give each of the data connections different names and tags which enables you to easily filter your data on account or sub account level.

Where can I find the Groupon Reporting API Key?

Where can I find the Groupon Authentication Token?

How to import Groupon conversions to Google Analytics?

Once you fully connected your Groupon accounts to wecantrack you have the possibility to let us integrate those into your Google Analytics accounts. To accomplish that only two more steps are needed (JavaScript insertion and Ecommerce activation in Google Analytics accounts) which should not take longer than 10 minutes.

How to import Groupon conversions to Google Ads?

When you import your conversions to Google Analytics there is only one more step required to import relevant conversions to Google Ads. All you need to do is connect your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts and import the transaction conversions within the conversions section of Google Ads.

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