Wise Affiliate Program 🚀 🪄

Join Wise (Formerly Transferwise) Affiliate Program

Wise offers it’s affiliate partners a unique affiliate program in the Finance niche with commissions from £10.00 up to £50.00 CPA.

Learn all about how to join the Wise affiliate program, what type of conditions they offer, cookie period, markets where they operate and more below.

Affiliate Network
Integration available with wecantrack!
£10.00 up to
£50.00 CPA
1 year

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Additional Information About Wise (Formerly Transferwise) Affiliate Program 🚀 🪄

Wise affiliate program highlights:

  • International money transfers for 80+ countries: Send an international money transfer from one bank account to another
  • Multi-currency account: Free multi-currency account where you can convert, hold and spend 50+ currencies. We also offer local banking details in UK, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Turkey, and Singapore.
  • Debit card: Free Mastercard debit card to spend money abroad
  • Commission: Fixed commission for new users once they make their first cross-currency transaction with TransferWise.
  • Cookie period: 1 year cookie window.
  • Pending actions approval period: Once the user sets up a new transfer, they have 30 days to complete it. If the transfer is successfully completed within the next 30 days, you will receive the commission.

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