Integrate WiiMaxx Affiliate Conversions via Postback URL

Connect all your WiiMaxx affiliate conversion data with custom dashboards and integrate it in Google Analytics and other marketing tools so you can focus on improving your campaigns and marketing performance.

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How to integrate WiiMaxx affiliate conversions in Google Analytics

In order to integrate WiiMaxx affiliate conversions in Google Analytics, Google Ads and other marketing platforms, we will attribute your affiliate conversion data to your traffic data. Once you placed our JavaScript tag or installed our WordPress plugin on your website, our software automatically places SubIDs (ml_sub2) with unique click IDs in your WiiMaxx affiliate links, which enables us to automatically match your traffic and affiliate conversion data.

The installation is done in four simple steps:

  1. Create a wecantrack account
  2. Connect your WiiMaxx account to our system via API
  3. Connect your website to our system
  4. Activate the integration feature

How to connect your WiiMaxx account via API

All you need to connect your WiiMaxx account with our system is to generate a Postback URL on our platform which you will then place in your WiiMaxx affiliate network account. You can generate your WiiMaxx Postback URL here:

How can I create a Postback URL for WiiMaxx?

How to integrate WiiMaxx affiliate conversion data in Google Analytics?

After you connected your WiiMaxx affiliate network account and website to our system we will be able to integrate your WiiMaxx conversion data in Google Analytics. On our Google Analytics Integration page you can learn everything you need to know about connecting affiliate networks with Google Analytics:

How to import WiiMaxx conversions in Google Ads?

Once your WiiMaxx affiliate conversions are being imported in Google Analytics you can easily integrate them in Google Ads by linking your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts and importing the Ecommerce conversion goal within the conversion section of Google Ads.

All your WiiMaxx conversion data where you need it

Find out which sessions, users, content, campaigns and channels generate your WiiMaxx conversions in order to fully optimise your funnel based on conversion data.

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