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Connect all your [affiliate-name] affiliate sales and lead data with custom dashboards and integrate it in your marketing tools so you can focus on improving your campaigns and marketing performance.

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How to integrate Clickbank affiliate conversions in Ad Networks & Google Analytics

In order to integrate Clickbank affiliate conversion data in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads and other marketing platforms, we will need to attribute your affiliate conversion data to your traffic data. By placing our JavaScript tag or installing our WordPress plugin on your website, our software will automatically place SubIDs (tid) with unique click IDs in your Clickbank affiliate links, which enables us to automatically match your traffic and affiliate conversion data. We will push that data into your Marketing tools via the Clickbank conversion API.

The installation is done in four simple steps:

  1. Create a wecantrack account
  2. Connect your Clickbank account to our system via API
  3. Connect your website to our system
  4. Activate the integration feature

How to connect your Clickbank account via API

All you need to connect your Clickbank account with our system is provide our system with your Clickbank account’s API Only Clerk Key. The key can be generated on your Clickbank master account user section. You can fill in your Clickbank credentials here: https://app.wecantrack.com/user/data-source/networks/clickbank/accounts/create

Where can I find my Clickbank API Only Clerk Key?

  • Log into your Clickbank account
  • Go to Settings > API Management
  • Here you can create a new API Key
  • Give your new key a name and Make sure to tick all the boxes for permissions
  • Save the new API user

  • Your clickbank API Key is generated.
  • Copy the Key and place it in your wecantrack account integration. 
  • Clerk API key management is only available in the master account.

  • Alternative method (old dashboard): You can find or generate your ClickBank Clerk API Key within your ClickBank account under Account Settings.

Where can I find my Clickbank Developer Key?

  • To find your Clickbank Developer Key you have to go to accounts on your dashboard and click the account nickname for which you want to generate the key.

  • You’ll be directed to Clickbank old dashboard.
  • Go to Account Settings on the menu and on the bottom of the page you’ll find the Clickbank Developer API Keys.
  • Click “Edit” and now the button ” Create New Developer Key”.
  • You can give your key a name/description and click “save”.

How to Make Money with Clickbank?

Clickbank is one of the most popular networks for affiliate beginners and advanced publishers to make money. It’s free to join and there’s no screening process, no limit cap or complicated metrics. It’s basically a simplified affiliate network, open to anyone that wants to give it a shot. After signing up you can immediately generate your hoplinks and start sharing them with your audience or creating ad campaigns for them.

With thousands of products to choose from on ClickBank, it can feel overwhelming deciding which ones to promote. In our research we found the best products have always been the ones to do with health, losing weight, making money or relationships. When it comes to promotable categories, these are known as the big money makers, and it’s where most people spend their money. Plus, they offer solutions to problems that people want solved fast and that leads to impulse buys from the final consumer.

There’s several ways you can start making money with ClickBank:

  • Build an audience around your Facebook or Instagram page that focuses on the segments and products you want to promote
  • Start a Blog, Youtube channel, product review website or other type of content channel and offer Clickbank products to your readers and audience.
  • Run targeted Ads with Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads or Microsoft Bing Ads, and connect our We Can Track Integration done via the Clickbank API and it will allow you to push the sales data into your campaigns manager.

How to select the best offers in Clickbank?

Clickbank provides publishers with a lot of information to help find and choose the right product and in their product list you will find metrics such as:

  • Average %/sale: the percentage of the product price that publishers receive as a sales commission.
  • Initial $/sale: the average revenue you can make per sale
  • Average rebill total: the average amount you will make as a commission as a result of rebills (i.e. resale of the product, monthly recurring subscriptions, etc)
  • Average %/rebill: the percentage of rebills paid on average.


You should also consider as an important metric the Gravity score. Gravity is given to determine the number of publishers that have sold that product within the past 12 weeks. This could be a great indicator of how well a product sells and how high the market demand for that product is. However, don’t only base your decision solely on Gravity, for example, a new product may not have a high Gravity score, but could be the new hottest product to sell.

How to make money with Clickbank on Instagram via Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads manager gives you the possibility to also run targeted ads on Instagram. Choosing the right Instagram audience and niche is the first step before you consider using Clickbank on Instagram.

Pick a niche you know about. The more you know about the niche, the easier it will be to promote and start your Clickbank Instagram Ads. You will know exactly what products will work, and you will know how to market to that niche audience. Some niches may seem like a great option, however, when it comes to finding the right product, always consider our previous advice on how to select the best offers from Clickbank. Once you find a potential niche in Instagram, browse through the categories on Clickbank to see if there are good products within that niche.

With our We Can Track Facebook Ads Integration you can track the sales performance of your Instagram Clickbank Campaigns and we will push the sales data to your campaigns ad manager so you can optimize for the best performance and ROIS on Instagram. The integration is key to scale up your performance and have full control over CPA and Ad spent vs Return on your Investment.

We wrote an article about Affiliate Marketing with Instagram and you can find everything you need to start your new Clickbank Instagram campaigns there.

How to Make Money with Clickbank through Facebook Ads?

Nothing works faster and provides you with recurring income than affiliate marketing using paid traffic. Investing in ads is the quickest way to promote your content and get clicks/conversions on your Clickbank offers.

With We Can Track you can integrate your affiliate sales into Facebook Ads Manager. That simple but revolutionary method will allow you to optimize your Clickbank Facebook campaigns in order to achieve the best ROI’s. From our experience, Facebook Ads AI and machine learning is something indispensable if you’re thinking about running ads that are focused on performance and cost per sale results.

You can find out here all about our Facebook Ads integration and how you can easily optimize your Clickbank Facebook campaigns.

How to import [affiliate-name] conversions in Google Analytics?

Once you fully connected your [affiliate-name] accounts to wecantrack you have the possibility to let us integrate your conversions in your Google Analytics accounts. To accomplish that only two more steps are needed (JavaScript insertion and Ecommerce activation in Google Analytics accounts) which should not take longer than 10 minutes.

[randomize]Do you want to learn more about our Google Analytics Integration feature? On our Google Analytics Integration page you can learn about the following:/Would you like to get more information on how to automatically import affiliate conversion data in Google Analytics? On our Google Analytics Integration page you can find everything you need to know about connecting affiliate networks with Google Analytics:[/randomize]

How to import [affiliate-name] conversions in Google Ads?

You can choose from different methods to integrate your [affiliate-name] conversions into your Google Ads account, campaigns, keywords, adgroups and ads. With wecantrack you have available a Direct Google Ads integration, a Google Ads Integration via Google Analytics and an offline conversion import option. You can find out all about the setup required and the difference between them in our Google Ads integration page.

How to import [affiliate-name] conversions in Microsoft Ads?

Once you have connected your [affiliate-name] accounts and websites to our system, we can integrate affiliate conversion data coming from Microsoft Ads campaigns in your Microsoft Ads account. All you need to do is activate our Microsoft Ads integration feature and set up a conversion goal within your Microsoft Ads account and we will push the conversions to your campaigns.

How to import [affiliate-name] conversions in Facebook Ads manager?

Integrate all your affiliate sales into Facebook Ads Manager. That will allow you to optimize your [affiliate-name] Facebook campaigns in order to achieve the best ROIs. By activating our integration, you can easily import your [affiliate-name] affiliate conversion data in your Facebook Pixel via the Facebook Conversion API. Simply add your [affiliate-name] account and your website to our system and we will do the rest!