Integrate Pepperjam Affiliate Sales via API

Connect all your Pepperjam affiliate sale and lead data with custom dashboards & reports and integrate it in your marketing tools so you can focus on improving your campaigns and marketing performance.

Integrate your Pepperjam conversion data in Google Analytics and other marketing tools

All your Pepperjam commission data in:
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Pepperjam Ascend’s™ platform partnership with wecantrack enables publisher partners to integrate
affiliate marketing lifecycle data into their reporting source of truth. wecantrack aggregates your data across multiple affiliate providers and maps your affiliate sales to site traffic, enabling you to automatically integrate all your affiliate sales in one dashboard as well as your marketing tools, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Data Studio, Bing Ads and a lot more. Once you connected your Pepperjam account by providing your API credentials, wecantrack will collect your affiliate sales of the last two months and continuously update the data close to real time collecting the following dimensions and metrics:

Data Collected with Pepperjam API:

  • Transaction ID
  • Order Date
  • Creative Type
  • Advertiser Name
  • Advertiser ID
  • Commission
  • Sale amount
  • Status
  • SubID (SID)
  • Transaction Type

Data Collected with We Can Track JavaScript Tag:

  • Website URL
  • Landing Page
  • Session Date & Time
  • Click Date & Time
  • Click Page
  • Affiliate URL
  • Network Name

wecantrack offers a dashboard and multiple reports. Comparable reports are transaction report, advertiser report and status report. It also attributes the data to landing pages and websites within their dashboard. Moreover, a custom report can be set up, adjusted to the publisher’s preferences.

Where can I find the Pepperjam API Key?

  • Log into Pepperjam Ascend to get the credentials you’ll need to integrate with WeCanTrack
  • Navigate to via the Left Navigation panel Resources -> API Keys
  • You will need your (1) API Key and (2) website ID (optional)

Connecting Pepperjam with wecantrack – Step by step guide:

  • OPTIONAL: Click on Sub ID Selector if you’d like to adjust the SID set up. By standard, wecantrack will place unique IDs within your SID parameter. If you already make use of SID then We Can Track will append the unique ID behind your value together with a separator. In the Sub ID Selector you can adjust these settings.

Now your Pepperjam account is properly connected with wecantrack.

Connecting your website(s)with wecantrack – Step by step guide:

In order to make use of the sale to click attribution, Google Analytics Integration, Google Ads Integration, Facebook Integration or Bing Ads Integration features, you need to connect your website(s) to We Can Track as well.

  • Go to Data Integrations – Your Websites
  • Click on “Add New website”
  • Fill in your website URL
  • Check if our system filled in the correct Google Analytics Tracking ID and Facebook Pixel ID and correct it if necessary
    Then select whether you cloak (hide) your affiliate links
    Then select whether you are dynamically loading content with affiliate links
    Click on “Save and Show JS Snippet”
  • Copy the JavaScript Snippet and paste it in the header of your website behind the Google Analytics tag
    It is recommended not to use Google Tag Manager for that because Google Tag Manager is blocked by numerous ad blockers.

Now your website is connected with wecantrack.

If you cloak your affiliate URLs, some further adjustments need to be made. Please get in contact with [email protected] in order to receive a detailed explanation on how to make use of wecantrack if you cloak your affiliate URLs.

Activating Integration Features in wecantrack

Go to Features ( to activate the integration features you would like to make use of. For each integration feature extra steps might follow:

Google Analytics Integration:

Google Ads Integration:

Data Studio Integration:

Facebook Integration:

API Integration:


How does it work?

Our JavaScript tag automatically locates each affiliate URL and appends an ID to it. It also collects your website’s session and click data. Once a sale is reported in Pepperjam, it is collected by wecantrack through the API connection. After that the sale is being attributed to the click and session and then imported to Google Analytics.

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