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Join SocialPilot Affiliate Program

SocialPilot offers it’s affiliate partners a unique affiliate program in the best Saas niche with commissions of 20% (up to $306) andΒ up to one year. The program is available via PartnerStack affiliate software.

Learn all about how to join the SocialPilot affiliate program, what type of conditions they offer, cookie period, markets where they operate and more below.

Affiliate Network

Integration available with wecantrack!

20% Recurring
90 days

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Track and integrate your affiliate conversion data in the marketing tools you use, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, FB Ads and more to fully optimise your content and campaigns.

Additional information about HubSpot Affiliate Program πŸš€ πŸͺ„

A simple-to-use social media marketing application called SocialPilot assists individuals, groups, and companies in automating their social media management. The market is huge, so you can attract plenty of clients and make a 20% recurring income for up to a year. The following are some of the main justifications for joining our partner program:

  • For each customer you send to SocialPilot, you’ll receive a 20% referral bonus up to $306. No minimum commitments or joining costs.
  • cookie length of 90 days. This implies that the likelihood of you receiving a commission on a sale that you impacted through your special connections is longer and better.
  • Your promotion efforts will be reduced by their selection of imaginative banners and pre-written material. acquire more leads with less work.
  • In order to motivate yourself, you’ll receive a bonus based on your performance and have the chance to win quarterly challenges.
  • Their committed staff is in charge of running our partner program. We are here to assist you if you run into any problems.
  • They use PartnerStack as their affiliate platform, therefore on the 13th of the current month, you’ll automatically receive the commission from the prior month.

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