Udemy Affiliate Program πŸš€ πŸͺ„

Join Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy offers it’s affiliate partners a unique affiliate program in the best Saas niche with commissions up to 15% CPS. The program is available via Rakuten affiliate network.

Learn all about how to join the Udemy affiliate program, what type of conditions they offer, cookie period, markets where they operate and more below.

Affiliate Network
Integration available with wecantrack!
15% CPS
7 days

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Additional Information About Udemy Affiliate Program πŸš€ πŸͺ„

According to our survey of affiliate links from the most reputable e-learning websites, Udemy is without a doubt one of the most well-known education affiliate programs.

Each of its more than 155,000 courses is run by a different educator. Before promoting courses, make sure to check their quality because anyone can develop and post a course on Udemy.

Its cookie window is 75% shorter at 7 days than the industry average of 30 days. In actuality, this implies that visitors to your link must be prepared to make a purchase. Fortunately, Udemy has a Marketplace Insights tool you can use to determine the most well-liked courses and conduct specialty research.

Although Udemy does offer assets like banners and pictures, they generally do not convert as well as deep links because they resemble advertisements. Deep links are clickable links that take website visitors to specific locations. In this instance, a particular course.

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