Binance Affiliate Program πŸš€ πŸͺ„

Join the Binance Affiliate Program

Binance offers it’s affiliate partners a unique affiliate program in the Finance and Cryto niche with commissions up to 50% on every qualified trade and with the possibility of lifetime commissions on their custom built affiliate management system.

Learn all about how to join the Binance affiliate program, what type of conditions they offer, like cookie period, markets where they operate and more below.


Affiliate Network
Integration available with wecantrack!
up to 50%
lifetime commissions
30 days

Start tracking Binance and all your affiliate programs in one place! πŸš€ πŸͺ„

Track and integrate your affiliate conversion data in the marketing tools you use, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, FB Ads and more to fully optimise your content and campaigns.

How Do You Qualify To Become A Binance Affiliate? πŸš€ πŸͺ„

For individuals, they are looking for social media accounts with over 5,000 followers or subscribers across one or more platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

For crypto communities, they are interested in financial or opinion leaders who have communities with over 500 members on one or more group platforms like Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Reddit, QQ, VK.

For businesses and organizations, they are looking for a user base of at least 2,000, market analysis platforms with at least 5,000 daily visits, industry media platforms, crypto funds, and aggregate trading platforms.

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