What is the best VOLUUM alternative?




We have set up a comparison between Voluum and We Can Track to show you why automation and simplicity outweighs complexity.

Voluum is a very popular and powerful tracking tool but it is just not suited for many publishers out there and modern times demand automation where Voluum just can’t keep up.

All the reasons why We Can Track is an efficient Voluum alternative:
Automation    ᛫   Simplicity    ᛫    Integration    ᛫    Funnel Analysis    ᛫    AI Optimisation


Save countless hours by automating your tracking setup!



After placing our JavaScript tag or installing our WordPress plugin tracking is fully automated. Our system automatically locates your affiliate links (no matter whether they are cloaked or not), places subids with unique click IDs and tracks them when clicked. There is no need to enter any affiliate links on the We Can Track platform.

Voluum requires you to manually create campaigns and place your affiliate links within their system. They then give you a tracking link which you need to place on your website. This means for every affiliate link you would like to properly track, you need to go into Voluum and provide it with the link.

Save Time

No human errors with setting up tracking

Countless hours spent on campaign setups

Human errors messing up tracking


No need to study any manuals or documentation!



Once installed you won’t need to maintain your We Can Track account in order to keep tracking going. After the setup, simply move on and focus on creating and optimising your marketing campaigns. This means you won’t have to study any manuals or documentation, simply copy paste the JavaScript tag or install the WordPress plugin and you are set.

With Voluum you need to continuously maintain your account and trust me, for a newby tracker it is not easy! You will need to read your way through documentation and manuals in order to figure out how to set things up.

No-brainer installation

Instructions read within 5 minutes

Complex process to maintain the account

Hours of reading manuals and documentations


Google Analytics Affiliate Conversion Integration
Google Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration
Microsoft Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Integrate your conversion data in the tools you use!



Integrating your conversion data in tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, Data Studio and more is the most powerful feature We Can Track has to offer. It will allow you to manage your campaigns within the tools you are using. You can even automate the bid adjustments based on these platforms’ advanced machine learning systems.

Voluum won’t fully integrate you conversion data in all the marketing tools you use. While it has some integration capabilities it is still missing the functionality to simultaneously integrate all your conversion data to all the tools you are making use of without separate setups.

Automatic Google Analytics Integration

Cross channel audience creation

Simultaneous integration with multiple marketing tools

No Google Analytics integration

Limited audience creation

One by one integrations with marketing tools

Funnel Analysis

Analyse and optimise your funnel!



Having your conversion data attributed to session and click data and integrating that data in Google Analytics gives you the advantage to analyse your entire funnel. Within Google Analytics you can see entire user profiles that will give you information regarding every action a user took, which will allow you to analyse which parts of your funnel perform well and which don’t.

Voluum is quite limited when it comes to funnel analysis. While it does report a lot of information like referrer, device and location it does not report to you every interaction a user took on your website. Thus you will be able to optimise your campaigns based on certain characteristics, but you won’t be able to find out which step along the way to your conversion seems to be the most significant.

Funnel Analysis possible

Complete (anonymous) user profiles available

No Funnel Analysis possible

No user profiles

AI Optimisation

Use Google’s, Facebook’s and Microsoft’s Machine Learning to optimise your campaigns!



Having your conversion data in your marketing tools will allow you to make use of the platforms’ Machine Learning, which will help you to increase ROAS by automating your bid adjustments and budget allocations. Moreover, these platforms can automatically create lookalike audiences which will help you to reach new users who are likely to convert.

While Voluum has some automation functionalities, you can not expect them to be as good as Google’s, Facebook’s and Microsoft’s Machine Learning, since Voluum is simply missing a lot of relevant information which the other platforms have. Moreover, you will not be able to automatically generate lookalike audiences to help you reach potential customers.

Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities

Lookalike Audiences

Campaign adjustment automation without advanced Machine Learning

No lookalike audiences

Automate and optimise your marketing campaigns!

Would you like to give automated conversion tracking and attribution a try? We offer a 30 days free trial for our new users. Feel free to sign up and see for yourself the advantages our integration features deliver, without any manual setup and maintenance. Rid yourself of countless hours manual and repetitive work.

How to integrate affiliate conversion data in Google Analytics?

Do you want to automatically integrate your affiliate sale and lead conversion data in Google Analytics? On our Google Analytics Integration page you can learn everything you need to know about connecting affiliate networks with Google Analytics:

How to import affiliate conversions in Google Ads?

Once your affiliate conversions are being imported in Google Analytics you can easily integrate them in Google Ads by linking your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts and importing the Ecommerce conversion goal within the conversion section of Google Ads.

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