Case Study: Qoala

Qoala: “This 360º view helps us make better decisions”

Conversion rate is king in online shopping, and keeping track of the data around it is of the utmost importance. Especially when you’re comparing products and helping people find the right deal, keeping track of every click is essential.

Qoala operates in this competitive niche, automatically finding and applying the best available coupons, promotional codes, and offers to your online purchases.

Therefore, they need to stay on top of things to keep making an impact and expanding their business. We asked Marcos, who works at Qoala and has implemented wecantrack, about his experiences using the tool; you’ll see his insight throughout the article.

Discover how Qoala leveraged wecantrack to make better, data-driven decisions.

Keeping Track Of Qoala’s Highlights

We’ll be looking at Qoala’s challenges and how wecantrack solved those issues shortly. But for those of you who are in a hurry, here are the most important takeaways from this case study.

Using wecantrack, Qoala managed to:

  1. Group together many different affiliate networks into a single database
  2. Create a daily source to track all metrics related to revenue and sales
  3. Make better, data-driven decisions

For Qoala, the biggest impact of wecantrack was the wideness of integration combined with the clear and concise presentation of data. This allows them always to have a clear view and insights to base their decisions on.

“The whole team has a 360º view of the company and a tool to make decisions.”
~ Marcos (Qoala)

Qoala cashback

About Qoala

JoinQoala is a free shopping assistant tool that helps shoppers find the best deals. Users can save money while shopping, both online and offline, by using Qoala to discover products and buy them at the cheapest price

To achieve this, Qoala offers a browser extension and a mobile app. It earns revenue from a coupon-based affiliate system, helping its users find the best possible deal on certain products. 

Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge that brought Qoala on the path of wecantrack, is that they must keep track of many different affiliate networks.

Offering the widest possible range of coupons, codes, and other offers is the key to success for a tool like Qoala. The more people Qoala can help find the best possible deal for a product, the higher the chance they will continue using the platform and recommending it to their friends.

More successful savings mean more revenue for Qoala, which necessitates the use of a wide range of affiliate networks.

Qoala wished to combine those different networks in a single database and dashboard. This would ensure that they always had a comprehensive view of their data on which to base their decision-making.

These are the wecantrack features that Qoala leveraged to accomplish their goal of creating a single overview of all their different affiliate networks:

This helped them to centralize all the needed data from the different affiliate networks in one place. The result? wecantrack‘s dashboard has become an integral part of their daily business operations.

“We use wecantrack daily as our source of truth to track all metrics related to revenue and sales.”

The Impact Of Wecantrack On Qoala’s Business 

The combination of the attribution dashboard and the integration of Google Analytics and Data Studio fixed Qoala’s challenge. Still, they also mention our customer support as one of the key features that contributed the most to their successful implementation of the wecantrack software.

This helped Qoala to build the ultimate dashboard for their daily needs. As we have seen, every colleague has a 360º view of the company that can help him or her make better decisions.

The key takeaway is that when working with many different affiliate networks and data, finding a way to combine them can be a game changer. This way, one wouldn’t have to delve through many different dashboards to compare data and find which campaign performs best.

Or, in the words of Qoala: 

“Marcos: Any company that works with several affiliate marketing networks will find very useful a tool like wecantrack.”

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