8 Super Affiliate Rockstars (Reviewed)

What makes someone a true super affiliate? How do you find the right affiliate marketing guru to help you become a super affiliate marketer as well?

Finding an affiliate marketing guru to show you the ropes can be challenging. Not because there’s a lack of people you can learn from. Far from it; it’s hard not to get lost amongst the many (often self-proclaimed) super affiliates.

Still, finding the right source of reliable information can help to become one of those super affiliates yourself.

Finding that one great source of valuable information will boost your chances for success massively. Others can teach you to avoid the wrong choices and mistakes they made.


From this 8 Super Affiliate Rockstars you’ll find:

  1. What to look for in a true “super” affiliate source of information
    • And what to be on the lookout for!
  2. Our own 8 favorite affiliate marketing rockstars
    1. STM
    2. Jim Harmer & Ricky Kesler (Income School)
    3. Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income)
    4. Jeremy Schoemaker (ShoeMoney)
    5. Charles Ngo
    6. Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate)
    7. Nick Loper (Side Hustle Nation)
    8. Zac Johnson
  3. Conclusion: which source is going to help YOU become the super affiliate you’ve always wanted to be?

What to look for in a truly “super affiliate guru”

The right super affiliate marketing guru for you is, first of all, someone that gets you motivated, psyched, and energetic when you are listening to them, or reading what they wrote. Whether you are looking for one-on-one coaching, or just someone to follow on their blog or on YouTube (more on that distinction later), learning from your affiliate guru of choice needs to spark a fire inside of you. After watching their videos, listening to their podcast or reading one of their blogs, you should be like: “Hell yeah, let’s build this empire up!”

Becoming a super affiliate calls for dedication. It’s not something that’ll happen overnight, but requires patience. It requires you to keep putting in the work without seeing immediate results. It requires the ability to keep your focus on the finish line.


What to be on the lookout for

We all know the self-proclaimed super affiliate rockstars who try to lure you into their programs by exhibiting an extravagant lifestyle. Promos set at a beautiful villa in a tropical country, with the beach in full view behind them. Oh, and did we mention that luxurious sports car that is parked out front?

Of course, this could very well be one of those things that got you into affiliate marketing. Super affiliates do have a great life. Who doesn’t want to make a passive income online and be able to work from anywhere in the world?

But be critical. Ask yourself, is this super affiliate going to help me? Are they really in it to share their wisdom, or is selling an expensive training programme simply their way to boost their own revenue?

Keep in mind: no one can guarantee you success in affiliate marketing. Super affiliates making promises that sound too good to be true? Chances are they are just that.


Our 8 favorite super affiliate rockstars in 2022

Alright then, without further ado: here are what we consider to be the 8 super affiliate rockstars from this moment (in random order). Like the biggest rockstars of music history, they’ve made this list by putting out great content and proving time and again that they truly are today’s rockstars of affiliate marketing.

1. STM

STM is a platform that focuses on building a community of like-minded people to inspire and motivate each other. It is one of the biggest and most renowned affiliate marketing communities or forums out there.

What they offer

You can check out some free content and blog posts on their website, but the real value is in joining the community. For $99,- a month you get access to an overwhelming amount of invaluable, relevant content. Over 42,029 threads and 358,961 posts that include the following:

  • Advanced Step-By-Step Tutorials for newbies for every traffic source and vertical you can imagine. Native, Facebook, Google Ads, Pop, Push, eCommerce and everything in between.
  • Shocking golden nuggets and tips that can (and have) turn your campaigns from -100% ROI (losing money) to +500% ROI (making a lot of money).
  • Monster case studies with even more shocking numbers that you can replicate yourself and make cash the easy way or just to get your daily dose of drools.
  • Masterminds for all skill levels. From newbies just starting out to people making at least $XX,XXX/day in revenue for every traffic type and specialty – your choice.
  • Networking opportunities that can turn your campaigns from losers to winners. Teaming up with someone can make your life at the very least 2x easier.
  • Secret strategies used by veterans that you won’t find anywhere else (they only dare share them with STM family members).

If you sign up and don’t feel that STM is a good match, simply request for a refund within the first 72 hours, no questions asked!


2. Jim Harmer & Ricky Kesler (Income School)

This is a prime example of two guys that have mastered affiliate marketing by simply stepping in the mud, buckling down and getting things done. Now, they have an amazingly scalable, flexible and – most important – profitable affiliate marketing company. They continually crank out and rank new websites and prove time and again that their system works.

Learn from Jim and Ricky for free

You can follow Income School on YouTube and learn from Rick and Jimmy in easy to watch, high-energy videos on all topics that are important to an affiliate marketer. Their prime focus is on SEO, writing blog posts and starting a YouTube channel.

Jim and Ricky as your affiliate gurus (paid programme) 

Looking to really commit to these highly enthralling affiliate marketing rockstars? Then you should definitely check out their Project 24 programme. For $449,- you’ll get access to:

  • Jim and Ricky’s 60-step programme to build a profitable niche site and YouTube channel
  • A community of like-minded people also seeking to become affiliate rockstars to motivate and help you
  • Courses and videos to learn what you need to know


3. Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income)

If we had to name one true super affiliate rockstar, it’d probably have to be Pat Flynn. Like so many other people, he was – in his own words – forced into affiliate marketing by the hardships faced in his job. Or, to be more precise, when he lost his job.

Learn from Pat for free

Smart Passive Income has tons of free educational material for you to sink your teeth in. Pat also has a YouTube channel with loads of inspirational videos to guide you on your path to become a super affiliate. You can also look for his podcast (The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast) on your favorite podcast platform.

Paid options

There are also lots of paid and high quality courses to choose from. The ideal way to really delve into a subject.


4. Jeremy Schoemaker (ShoeMoney)

Shoe Money Adsense Check

Jeremy Schoemaker’s famous “Adsense Check” picture

Jeremy Schoemaker is yet another story of someone that went from unemployment to becoming a true affiliate marketing super star. The ShoeMoney blog grew to be an icon in the affiliate marketing world and you should definitely check it out in the search for your own mentor.

Learn from Jeremy Schoemaker for free

On the ShoeMoney blog you can find tons of powerful and useful articles on SEO, marketing, business and affiliate marketing. It’s a powerful library of information and inspiration where you can easily spend a few hours browsing, reading and learning. 

Paid options

Jeremy also wrote a book: Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The ShoeMoney Story. In it, he tells about his journey and how he came to be the affiliate marketing super rockstar he is today.


5. Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo is one of the thought leaders in the affiliate marketing world. His story is similar to that of many others on this list. Not an exceptional student, after graduation he got stuck in a meaningless job. His quest: to become the Asian James Bond.

We don’t know about 007, but he did manage to become the Asian super affiliate and you should definitely check him out.

Learn from Charles for free

First of all, there is Charles’ blog with tons of informative articles on affiliate marketing and building your business. To help you succeed, and perhaps become the James Bond or the super affiliate rockstar of your own country…

Charles as your affiliate marketing super rockstar (paid)

Want Charles as a more in-depth mentor? Then you should join the waitlist for his upcoming course on how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business. The prices are yet to be announced.


6. Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate)

Let’s be honest, the ultimate goal of any affiliate is to become wealthy, right? That’s the sole purpose behind Wealthy Affiliate: an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had already experienced success.

They built a complete affiliate online marketing platform to help people get started, expanding their business, and reaching their personal goals which could be a passive income of $100,- or $100.000,- a month.

Get started for free

If you’re looking to get started in affiliate marketing, their free subscription might be a good place to start.

A community filled with affiliate rockstars (paid)

Looking to really level up your skills, motivation and success? Then the Wealthy Affiliate Community is the place for you. Here you can come in contact with Kyle and Carson themselves, and spar with hundreds of thousands of people in various stages of their affiliate marketing rockstar journey.

Subscriptions that allow unlimited community communication start at $49,- a month.


7. Nick Loper (Side Hustle Nation)

Many affiliate marketing rockstars started out with their affiliate website as “a side hustle”. The dream is to make that side hustle into your main cash source. If you’re looking to find a super affiliate to help guide your way, Nick is definitely worth checking out.

What is riskier, asks Nick. Starting a side-business, or relying on your job as your only source of income? As many people in these crazy times can attest, a day-job is not as assuring as it often seems.

Learn from this super affiliate (free)

Nick has a blog and a podcast with tons of useful and inspiring content to get your own super affiliate motor running. He doesn’t solely focus on affiliate marketing. Super helpful and insightful ideas on other great ideas to make some extra cash online can be found here as well.

Nick’s respond to this article:

“In affiliate marketing, you’re helping people make decisions: Is this product worth it? What are the alternatives? How do you use the product? Where can I find the best deal? The best affiliate marketers in the world approach their content with the customer in mind, and helping them make the right decision for themselves.”


8. Zac Johnson

Last but certainly not least, Zac Johnson is a mammoth of affiliate marketing. He has 20 years experience in making money online and is mainly fascinated by the many different ways that people keep finding to make a living online.

He started out with making $0.01 affiliate incomes on CPC-campaigns. Now he makes a whole hell of a lot more. And perhaps he is that one affiliate superstar that you’ve been looking for to teach you how to do the same.

Making Zac your affiliate marketing super rockstar (free and paid)

Of course, Zac has a blog and a podcast where you can find tons of helpful content. He also has some practical step-by-step approach frameworks that you can buy from a very reasonable price (starting at $56,-)


Conclusion: which affiliate rockstar is going to help YOU become the super affiliate you’ve always wanted to be?

Just like in music, not everybody gets psyched about the same rockstar. One is a Queen’s fan, the other is more into Guns ‘n Roses. Although you might enjoy listening to both, there is probably one (might be another band altogether of course) that always gets you dancing and singing along. 

In this super affiliate rockstar guide, we’ve shown you that the same goes for super affiliate rockstars. There are so many successful affiliate marketers out there, willing to share their wisdom. Finding the ones that give you the energy and motivation to reach the same level of success as they did is going to make a difference in your own affiliate marketing journey.

Read the backstories of the super affiliates that we’ve mentioned in this list and discover which of them speaks to you. Perhaps there is some overlap with your own story that helps to motivate you? Listen to their podcasts and their videos. Read their articles. See what resonates the most and then commit to the super affiliate rockstar that is going to help YOU to succeed.

Anyone can make it in affiliate marketing. You’ll make it easier for yourself by learning from the people that already did. A complete list of more broad Digital Marketing courses can be found here.

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