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A Guide To High Ticket Affiliate Marketing: Tips, Examples & More

Selling products requiring a lot of effort for little return can make you feel lost, especially in affiliate marketing.

Many marketers work hard but see few results, leading to frustration and burnout. With so much competition and the constant need for innovation and standing out, it often feels impossible to make a significant income.

This has led many to wonder if all the effort is worth it. However, high ticket affiliate marketing offers a new approach. This strategy focuses on promoting expensive products or services. In this guide you’ll learn the benefits and how to utilize it.

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What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing involves promoting affiliate deals that pay a particularly high commission, like a few hundred dollars per sale.

These deals are usually products or services with an extremely high order value, meaning the seller is willing to pay good money for leads or purchases.

This makes sense, considering that in affiliate marketing, they would pay for a specific result, while in – for example – Google Ads, they would have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get clicks.
High ticket affiliate marketing is a method that gains profit through quality promotion and optimization.

The main goal of affiliates promoting high ticket affiliate deals is to sell such items and services through content focusing on fewer sales but with higher intensity.

For example, an affiliate marketer sells a $1,000 product using the high ticket affiliate method. He gains $300 as his commission, so he gets a high revenue even though he has made fewer sales than someone promoting $50 products.

The person promoting $50 products would perhaps receive a $5 commission for each sale. This means they would need to make 60 sales to earn the same amount as the person promoting the more expensive product.

Of course, it’s probably a lot easier to convince someone to buy that $50  product, so it is not certain that the high ticket affiliate will have a bigger paycheck at the end of the month. It’s all about balance and finding the right topic for you.

How To Get Started In High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Getting into high ticket affiliate marketing is – in base – no different from starting in affiliate marketing in general.

Here are five steps to follow:

  • Find the right niche, products, and/or services to promote. Pick something you’re knowledgeable about and enthusiastic about. This will greatly improve your probability of getting other people on board.
  • Consider who you are selling to. The next thing an affiliate marketer must do is define their focus group.You need to understand the people in the market for the type of product or service you’re writing about and what they are looking for in their comparison journey. This will allow you to tailor your content to their needs, thus drastically raising your chances of grabbing their attention.
  • Focus on high-income groups, big organizations, or niche groups willing to spend much of their salary on their passions. Whatever your target audience, they all need a different approach.
  • Understanding your target audience will also help you select the specific products or services that best fit their needs. This is, in fact, quite crucial in high ticket affiliate marketing. You might spend hours and hours attracting people with high-quality content. If you then recommend a lousy product for big money, you’ll lose credibility in your niche quickly.
  • Creating a qualitative, highly optimized website. You’ll need to build authority and make your website as trustworthy as possible to become better and better at convincing your audience. Recommendations of people who have found the right product through your articles will greatly support you in this endeavor.

Selling expensive products means targeting the right people. Affiliates can do this by making special content, emphasizing why the product is worth it, and using customer reviews to show it's a good buy.

Jorge Barbosa

Business Development Manager @ wecantrack

Source: wecantrack

Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2024

Here are four examples of high ticket affiliate marketing programs.

Image Source: Kinsta


Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider that has garnered attention in the affiliate marketing world for its lucrative high ticket affiliate program. Recognized for its state-of-the-art technology and top-notch customer service, Kinsta offers an appealing opportunity for affiliates looking to promote a high-quality service in the web hosting space.

Getting Accepted into Kinsta’s Affiliate Program:

  • Provide detailed information about your marketing strategies, audience, and how you plan to promote Kinsta. 
  • A strong online presence and a track record of successful affiliate promotions can improve your chances of acceptance.

Niche: Web hosting

Model: Kinsta’s affiliate program operates on a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model. 

Commission: Affiliates can earn up to $500 for each referral.

Cookie Duration: Kinsta’s affiliate program features a generous 60-day cookie duration.

Availability: Kinsta’s affiliate program is available globally, allowing affiliates worldwide to participate. The internet’s global reach and Kinsta’s international customer base make it a viable option for affiliates in various countries and regions.

Image Source: Shopfiy


Millions of entrepreneurs in over 170 countries use the Shopify platform to sell goods online, and 10% of all US ecommerce transactions happen on sites powered by Shopify.

Getting accepted into Shopify’s affiliate program:

  • Own and run an active website
  • Have an established audience
  • Create original content, such as online courses, seminars/webinars, blog posts, guides, or videos.
  • Have experience with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.


Niche: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Model: CPA (cost per action)

Commission: $150 for full-price Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans

Cookie duration: 30 days

Available on: Impact (integration available with wecantrack) and Shopify partner dashboard

Image Source: AuthorityHacker


The Authority Site System (TASS) by AuthorityHacker is one of the best courses on how to build a lucrative authority site from scratch, containing 190+ video lessons. It has helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs!
Getting accepted into AuthorityHacker’s affiliate program:
  • Have a website that gets at least a few thousand visitors monthly – high-quality, organic traffic that will convert.
  • Have a relevant target audience.
  • Have a website that contains high-quality content.

Niche: Education – online marketing courses
Model: CPA (cost per action) plus lifetime commissions on future sales
Commission: Up to $1,979 per sale
Cookie duration: 60 days
Available on: Own platform

Image Source: Teachable


Creating an online course by sharing your knowledge is one of the best ways to make money online. Creating online courses has soared in popularity over recent years, allowing affiliates to rake in attractive commissions.

The best part of Teachable is that, unlike many other high ticket affiliate programs, it does not have high entry barriers for new affiliates!

Niche: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Model: CPA (cost per action)

Commission: Up to 30% monthly recurring commissions!

Cookie duration: 30 days

Available on: Impact.com

As you’ll see, high-end affiliate marketing programs typically fall into one of two categories, namely:

  1. High entry barrier affiliate programs.

These programs pay top-dollar commissions. However, they have strict requirements for new affiliates to protect existing affiliates and keep the program exclusive.

Getting accepted into such a program can be highly lucrative as they often offer exceptionally high commissions. And you don’t have to compete with many other affiliates for a slice of the pie.  

  1. Low to medium entry barrier affiliate programs.

These programs are usually not hard to get accepted into. And although they might not pay exceptionally high commissions, their commission structure remains very attractive.

However, you sometimes compete against many other affiliates, including high-authority websites – making it more difficult to get eyeballs on your affiliate links.

5 Tips For Successful High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Now that you understand what it takes to get started in high ticket affiliate marketing, let’s look at some advice that’ll also help you stand out.

  1. Be passionate about what you do. This is the key to success in any affiliate marketing niche, but it probably counts double in high ticket niches. Being passionate about your topic ensures that you’ll create better and more informative content and helps you keep going and building your website. If you’ve just picked a topic because it seemed lucrative but couldn’t care less, chances are you’ll lose your motivation quickly.
  2. Have a plan and set goals. It’s important to have clear goals for where you want to be in a few weeks, months, or even years. This will help you to review whether you are putting in enough effort to get where you want to be. It’s also helpful to set up a content calendar to map out which articles you will write and when.
  3. Network. Connecting and brainstorming with other people trying to build their affiliate business can be extremely helpful. You can help each other with tips for helpful tools and techniques or even build each other’s reach by writing on each other’s platform whenever relevant. This way, you can learn from the experiences and mistakes of people in the same boat as you.
  4. Create high-quality content that is related to what you offer. People won’t buy a product if they don’t know what it is for and how it can help them. Writing informative, relevant, and helpful content is also the best way to set up a lucrative way of attracting and converting people via SEO and affiliate marketing.
  5. Explore paid advertising channels to increase your high ticket sales. Your average commission per sale can be quite high, meaning you can invest in paid ads and drive considerable traffic while still making a profit.

Paid Advertising Channels To Drive High Ticket Sales

When it comes to paid advertising that can drive high ticket affiliate sales, there are quite some channels you can explore to scale up your performance, and we compiled a list of the most popular ones for affiliate marketing.

It’s important to start using affiliate tracking and attribution software with access to a unified affiliate dashboard before experimenting with paid ads. 

Not all affiliate programs allow PPC advertising, and you should double-check if the products or services you want to promote allow you to drive paid traffic to the advertiser.

You can usually access that information in the Terms & Conditions of your affiliate program.

The Most Popular Paid Ad Channels For High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Here are the most popular paid ad channels for high ticket affiliate marketing to look out for:

Google Ads

Google Ads is extremely popular and used by many affiliate publishers and media buyers to drive affiliate sales. It’s a simple and intuitive platform, and you can easily set up your high ticket affiliate campaigns using it.

It’s considered best practice if you lead the user to your own website or landing page where you advertise your offers, but it can also be done directly by placing your affiliate links in your ads.

Set up your Google Ads tracking and integration beforehand by signing up for a service like wecantrack that can do that automatically. You can also check their guide on affiliate marketing with Google Ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is another very popular channel for creating affiliate marketing ads. The platform is not as easy to navigate as Google Ads, but you can quickly get used to it and start a campaign.

The main difference between these channels is that Facebook does not usually allow affiliate links to be placed directly in your ads, and you should lead the user to your own website or landing page.

Another important aspect is that if you do place the affiliate link in your ads, integration with Facebook will not be possible, and you can’t push your conversions to your campaigns. You can check out this guide for affiliate conversion tracking in Facebook ads and learn how to get started properly.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads is quite similar to Google Ads and even provides a feature where you can automatically import your Google Ads campaigns into your Microsoft Ads account.

Here, you also have tracking and integration if you use your own website or landing pages or advertise the affiliate links directly in your ads.

Find out here all about Microsoft Ads affiliate conversion tracking and how to get started with this channel.

TikTok Ads

TikTok ads have become quite popular in recent years, and we see more and more affiliate marketers using this channel to increase their revenue.

It’s now also possible to integrate affiliate sales in TikTok Ads by using software like wecantrack, and with all of that in mind, why should you not jump in the trend and explore the opportunities this new channel can bring? Check out this guide on TikTok ads affiliate conversion tracking, and you can easily get set up and start your TikTok campaigns today.

Other paid ads channels you can easily get started and test your high ticket affiliate ads are:

Final Thoughts

High ticket affiliate marketing can be very lucrative for building a passive online income, especially when there’s a niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about and that’s important to a certain group of people. Do realize, however, that high ticket affiliate marketing is not for everyone. It’s not for those just looking to earn some easy money.

That goes for most niches in affiliate marketing nowadays. Building an audience and earning your place amongst existing affiliates targeting your audience takes time and effort. That goes even more for high ticket niches. The rewards are high, but the effort you need to put in will also be high.

This isn’t meant to scare you away. Affiliate marketing is definitely still worth it. It’s just more important than ever to think about what you want to target and how you will do it. Then, it’s still possible to make it, even in high ticket affiliate marketing.

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