All your affiliate data in one dashboard and your marketing tools

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Affiliate Conversion Data consolidation, attribution and integration for affiliate publishers
Start tracking your affiliate conversion data within analytics platforms and ad networks

All your affiliate data in one dashboard and your marketing tools

✔ Free 15 days trial

Affiliate Conversion Data consolidation, attribution and integration
Start tracking your affiliate conversion data within analytics platforms and ad networks

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Integrated Networks

Analytics Platform Integrations

Google Analytics Affiliate Conversion Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Track your affiliate conversion data as purchase conversions within your Google Analytics accounts to gain transparency on the performance of any available dimension.

Looker Studio

Google Looker (Data) Studio Integration

Set up custom dashboards and reports with all your traffic and affiliate conversion data in one dataset within Looker Studio to always keep you up to date. Gain full control over your dashboards.

BigQuery Affiliate Conversion Integration

Google BigQuery Integration

Gain access to all session, click and conversion data we register and attribute to one another via BigQuery, to always have your data at hand and use it wherever you need it.


Ad Network Integrations

Google Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Google Ads

Leverage your conversion data to optimise your Google Ads campaigns, automate bid adjustments and set up relevant audiences for your campaigns to increase your ROAS.

Microsoft Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Microsoft Ads Integration

Automatically integrate your affiliate conversion data in Microsoft Ads and properly optimise your campaigns and audiences to increase your overall ROAS.

Facebook Ads Affiliate Conversion Integration

Facebook Ads Integration

Feeding the Facebook Pixel with conversion data is essential to make your Facebook campaigns profitable. Build relevant audiences and use Facebook’s AI to target the right users.

TikTok Ads Integration

TikTok Ads

With all your affiliate sale and lead conversion data in TikTok Ads you will be able to fully optimise your TikTok campaigns based on ROAS or CPAs. Let the data do the hard work!

Snapchat Ads Integration

Snapchat Ads Integration

Track and integrate your affiliate sale and lead conversion data in Snapchat Ads and automatically optimise your campaigns on purchase events to increase your overall ROAS.



Integrating all your affiliate conversion data in Adsterra will help you to properly analyse and optimise your Adsterra campaigns in order to increase your ad revenue.

Taboola Integration


Integrate all you affiliate sale and lead conversion data in Taboola to fully optimise your Taboola native ad campaigns based on sale and lead conversions.

Outbrain Integration


Properly analyse and optimise your Outbrain native ad campaigns with your affiliate conversion data integrated and attributed in Outbrain.

Revcontent Integration


Integrate all you affiliate sale and lead conversion data in Revcontent to fully optimise your native ad campaigns based on sale and conversions.

One of a kind

Affiliate Conversion consolidation and attribution dashboard

Access all your affiliate conversion data attributed to your website session and click data in one sophisticated dashboard

with over 350 affiliate network connections

Available reports
Advertiser Performance
Conversion performance broken down per advertiser. See for which of your partners you generate most conversions and commission. Compare that performance to previous time ranges.
Network Performance
Quickly gain an overview of the total performance of your affiliate network accounts through our network report.
Content Performance
Find out which of your landing pages and click pages are generating clicks, conversions and commissions through our landing page and click page reports and optimise your content based on actual performance data.
Traffic Source Performance
Due to our session attribution feature you can easily analyse how your traffic sources are performing which will help you to make use of an omni channel approach in order not to be too dependent on one traffic source.
Campaign Performance
Properly analyse your ad campaigns to allocate your budgets to maximise profits. The time of not knowing how campaigns perform has come to an end - no more guess work!
Transaction Report
Find out detailed information about your transactions, including subid parameters, status and even product information for certain partners.

How it works

Conversion Data Tracking

Our system collects your conversion data via APIs, Postbacks, Scrapes, Google Sheet files and manual CSV imports. Within a few minutes you can add all your affiliate networks and Google Sheet reports of direct partnerships and gain a full overview of all your conversions in our dashboard shortly after the connections were set up.

Data Processing, Attribution & Reporting

The data that flows in from all your different data sources will be processed and structured in one dataset to deliver one clean overview. Once your websites are connected to our system (via our JavaScript tag or WordPress plugin) it will automatically place subid parameters with unique click IDs in your affiliate links. With those click IDs we will be able to attribute your conversion data to your traffic data.

Data Integration

Once your data was processed and attributed in our system, we can set up connections with the marketing tools you use and integrate your traffic and conversion data in them. Marketing tools we have set up connections with so far are: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Pixel & Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads, Data Studio, BigQuery, Zapier, Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, PropellerAds, PopAds and MGID. You can also use our API or Webhooks to integrate your data in your applications.

The Outcome

Data Aggregation

All data in one place

With all your traffic and conversion data in one place you no longer need to set up manual reports or log into all the different networks and ad platforms.

save time
Funnel Optimisation

Funnel Optimisation

Due to our data attribution you will be able to analyse your funnel and user behaviour and optimise your websites and campaigns accordingly.

conv. rate optimisation

Efficient Retargeting

You will be able to see all clicks, leads & conversions your visitors trigger allowing you to retarget the right audience to get users back who abandoned the funnel.

conv. rate optimisation
Machine Learning AI

Campaign Automation

Use Google’s and Facebook’s machine learning to target the right users, set the right bids and allocate your budgets. Paid advertising has never been more laid back.

ROAS optimisation
Custom Data Attribution

Custom Data Attribution

Make use of our metadata and custom index parameters to combine your internally tracked data with traffic and conversion data collected by us. Creating a link between all available datasets will help you to gain full transparency.

decision making
Website Automation

Website Automation

By feeding our system with your content or product IDs, we will be able to report to you their performance via API, allowing you to automatically sort your website content based on click and conversion performance.

conv. rate optimisation



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